Wednesday, October 25, 2006


This is it. Here we are. From the moment the chemicals of New Year's Eve started to squander, I was putting myself in a brand new year, at the station, again.
That 6th of January I received my first weird mail from the Santa Fe Entertainment Department, wishing me a happy centennial of statehood!
Then, I remember everybody kept dead quiet. I was expecting to receive few interesting mails from people feeling alone, asking some attention, but nada.
Fun only came back to the lab with the Chinese New Year. Survivors were looking very excited by this whole Water-Dragon thing. One week after, I remember they told me it was here to great us from very far away. The next day they were all gone. Dawn told me they were on a spaceship to Eros?
February 5, Super Bowl! Applied Biosystems gave us two tickets for the opening. First time on 3 months we saw some open space. The next day Elizabeth II was celebrating her 60 years of reign - what an old swine!
On February 14, I received another weird mail. This time from Phoenix Entertainment Department - wishing me another happy centennial of statehood! Puzzling...
The month went smooth with no incident in the core. The bots were starting to get back to normal and were willing to negotiate with the bio freaks. At the same time this FEMA engineer came to propose me a complicated deal she has been planning with her brother in Greece. In the first of March, the Greek Drachma bank notes would not be exchangeable for Euro anymore. So she wanted to skim the money laundry going out on the grey zone of the Web. I told her to get lost.
Some Nepalis were here to teach robots how to deal with unknown creatures. They were constantly training them by playing an intense simulation that was making their minds swelling... One day of March one of those dudes came out in the lobby screaming he was Buddha! No wonder.
First of April some penguins from the security department forced me to look at their new conspiracy candy. Some guys had been using the publicly released 1940 US Federal Census to point out that the quantity of Jew immigration had increased, significantly. What a joke... And on April, there was another of those weird 100th anniversaries - the Fenway Park. Boston Dynamics' team was so into it. They had been allowed to use a bot to play baseball with at the sport complex. We were all kind of worried though it was awesome watching.
April 15, just received my fourth 100th Anniversary mail from the Titanic memorial.
May 12, this was the last Saturday Night Live. I was feeling like I was already missing those New York clowns; we were all having a heck of a warm time witnessing this small live window on the remains of Mediterranean civilization. The next Saturday we were wandering around in despair, lurking over each other's shoulder to peep at what we were watching on our screens. But finally someone came out with an exciting plan. We should all go outside the next day for the eclipse. An annular solar eclipse on a Sunday - this was something we had to see! And by all going out together we would reduce the complexity of the decontamination process.
This just worked brilliantly, the scene was magnificent, the feeling to be really outside again and we were all back in after only a 4 hours process. Just in time to witness the outcome of the French Presidential election. Finally France revealed its true face. Extreme right-wing has been elected with 51 percent of the suffrage. Anyway, European Darwinism has been wiping the poor out for a long time already. So this wasn't to be an important change, just a symbolic one.
The next days had been going all slick. Everything was turning good, our social mood was excellent. Nevertheless we were all feeling the same emptiness. We tried to cover it up with hard works but we wanted to go out again. This next Wednesday there was another cosmic oddity happening - a Venusian solar eclipse. This was enough of a sign to go outside. The lab supervisor had no difficulties to convince the security administrator it was for our both benefits. Eventually we went out again. On this late afternoon I met this cute Italian macho lover. We had a great time discovering each other taste for surprises.
But I had to get rid of him as he started to become a lunatic with this European Football Championship addiction.
July 1, Maxime was back in Hong Kong. The chairman of the first government elected by Universal suffrage appeared to be a revolutionary from his close and trusted friends. He was looking really excited even so at the same time Mexicans freshly elected an Ultra Con president. The next day the international community was chocked, she started a massive emasculation program. There would be no male athletes at the Summer Olympics in London.
Meanwhile the Northern Alliance Program for Repopulation has pushed the Earth to be the home for 3 billion. They were proud to announce their 500 millionth successful cloning. I wasn't able to imagine how Canada would look like if all those babies make it to 10. I was constantly listening to this online radio program Space Station Soma.
November 5, the whole station was on the alert. The next day was the US presidential elections. As our experiments were taking place on their soil, if Cheney was elected it would be a matter of time before the NAVY seized everything. Fortunately Madonna won with an overwhelming 60 percent. She was one of the few women opposed to systematic control of male population. In parallel recent reports from the core were also full of hope. At nano-scale symbiosis was kickstarting. Remains of tagged bots had been found at the supply center of their assembly chain. They were starting to fail distinguishing themselves from the freaks - they were mistaking themselves with the biological agents.

The ausie team has decided to celebrate by going back home. There was another of those cosmic entertainments - another solar eclipse - a total one - only visible in the South Pacific. That's when I started wondering why everybody was so into those events. Dawn briefed me on their real meaning. From his Sufi perspective we were close to break all connection with extrinsic objects, and we were starting to pass through life without attachments, as swimmers in the ocean striking freely without clothes. All of us have been able to physically go through the Eschatons of 2006. The upper cosmic scale and our survivor's conscience were in resonance. He pointed at the core saying that this was the reason why it was such a violent and chaotic singularity. It was a preserved piece of 2004's will for stepping backward in time. Although I didn't understand what he was talking about I decided to look a little closer at the sky.
On the third of December, I learned that Jupiter was at its closest approach to Earth. This was the best time to view and photograph its moons. I also learned how bizarre this 'planet' really was. It was actually a promising star that failed its stellar ignition. An ignition the freaks didn't fail. Even below those hundreds of reinforced structure, I remembered hearing a disturbing tremor. They eventually came to harness fission before the bots.
I was a little concerned that they could realize they've been isolated in this core and that they would likely give us a little surprise. But few days later, FEMA report on the station's activity stated that the core was totally under control and that further investigations were useless. We had to leave before December 20. It was a little too sudden for me. I hadn't been preparing anything; I had no plan for Christmas. I decided to follow Dawn wherever he would go. But this moron told me that where he was going wasn't an option for me. So I decided to go in Mexico, they were proposing every one of us to work on there brand new national project of nano-incubation, and anyway I was already emasculated.
December 21, I arrived in Mexico City but still no news from Dawn; what happened to him? Did he also decide to ship himself to space? I started thinking more and more about what he told me at the station.

December 23, Dawn is everywhere! I can't do anything but thinking about him. He is replacing every piece of my memory like a giant D-o-S. A Dawn-of-Service.
Next Saturday I'm invited to a full moon party hosted by a Brazilian transsexual. She told me we will celebrate Madonna's initiative of wealth transfer to Africa. This was the overwhelming raise of global social-feminism.