Saturday, September 3, 2005

HomeoPhatic Men

PLEASE, try to think about the meaning of the convergence of all those issues: Aphex twin video clips "Come to daddy" (1997), Matrix movies (1999), W Bush election (2000), 911 (2001), the Xelibri cell phones marketing campaign (2003), W Bush reelection (2004)···
Few of them sound obvious and some may look decorrelated. What the fuck is Aphex Twin doing here? And what is Xelibri by the way? If you don't remember what the video clips and adverts looked like, eye the picture below:
Cunningham apocalyptic iconography - the homeophatic characters in Come to Daddy (1997)
Cunningham apocalyptic iconography - the homeophatic characters in Windowlicker (1998)
Xelibri campaign - Face of the Future - directed by Traktor (2003)
Now you remember? If you don't, it means you've been way more affected by them than you want to admit···
Chris Cunningham was very prophetic indeed. Kids, babes, every body with the same enigmatic face, all seemingly stoked in the same facial expression with the same cell phones, all spotting the mugface of just one cloned guy, mankind reduced to a single common denominator, the dilution of the ego, every organic bot reproducing the same phatic pathos.

Is this absence of presence a Capitalism wonder or the well known Asian Dhyana curse? You are here but you're not here -- The forum syndrome, the Usenet disease -- Fear, reality, oracle, fantasy?
People are in there bubble but we're the one who end up in their bubble because we have no desire to exchange information with them. They just hunger to respond to an unknown on the other side of us, leading to the nihilization of public space, the slow motion integration of our cultural freedom by a giant caterpillar.
Sounds pretty paranoid to you, but guess what, this process started such a long time before we were born, that it's already embodied in our genes! Have you ever heard about 1945 ? What happened there wasn't only about the eevil Germans. For the humanity as a whole, already trying to dilute itself, this nihilization irreversibly proclaimed the era of the HomeoPhatic man.

"That's it. The machine wants to merge with us and make us feel it ain't there anymore because we've always been bugged by the machine, at least for the last 200 years. It ultimately wants control of us by saying "Hey, I gave up. It's your show, you run everything and I'm not even here. Do you see me?" I call that cloning esp. They're worried about cloning humans now but they've cloned esp already through television and it's even more refined now to prey on humans innate communication skills."
Conversation with Bob Dobbs Part 1: One Word
05-07-05 05:24

"Bullshit, bullshit!" declaims the Inuit. For the skeptical, the irreducible, the indomitable one who still enjoys living the uniqueness of his culture, I'll propose him to go "windowlicking" in a technological hub like Kualalumpur, Tokyo, or Los Angeles. You'll understand the next leap forward of technology is more about flesh than silicon.

Friday, September 2, 2005

Hong Kong, Capital of Capitalism?

This article isn't going to answer the question. I've been struggling with stats and numbers for one month, trying to prove my intuition. But the more I was processing the data, the less it appeared clear. I've been knocked down by the statistic paradox of geography. So, please, make your own conclusion.

For the wealthiest ancient British colony, the United States, there is only one financial center, and that is New York. But with China becoming the biggest swing of capitalism history, where is the new center of the world economy?

The small-retroceded island with its forest of skyscrapers, its electricity consumption of 35,402 GWh, its pharaonic airport, is the lymphatic node of China. It's the third most densely populated areas in the world, with 6,254 people per km˛ (the actual record is owned by Macau with 20,824/km˛ and historical comparison can be drawn with Warsaw ghetto, 14,400/km˛).
HK's economy is so much dependent on international trade that when the stock market is gloomy the weather turns the same and people avoid going out at night.
The graph below depicts an index chronology for New York (^DJI), London (^FTSE), and Hong Kong (^HSI) markets. Index chronology for New York (^DJI), London (^FTSE), and Hong Kong (^HSI) markets
In the 80's, the Hang Seng Index was relatively following the same type of evolution as its genitors, but something happened in the early 90's that made it becoming wild. Something in the matter of a collapsing wall.
The graph above is caricaturing the paradoxical aspect of global capitalism. The HSI is crazily emphasizing world events. When shit happens the HSI is overreacting, but at the same time nothing seems to tame it, always climbing back to new extremes. This is typically the kind of crazy Hong Kong loves. The city is full of stories of people who have made a killing in property, sometimes buying and selling properties within days. After being flattened by the Asian financial crisis of 1997-1998, the dot-com collapse of 2000, and the SARS epidemic of 2003, the real estate market is roaring back to life.

HK model is number one in economic freedom, slightly in front of Singapore. What does it mean? This controversial indicator relies on different factors, like corruption in the judiciary, non-tariff barriers to trade, fiscal burden of government, rule of law, efficiency within the judiciary, and the ability to enforce contracts, regulatory burdens on business, including health, safety, and environmental regulation, restrictions on banks regarding financial services, such as selling securities and insurance, labor market regulations, informal market activities, including corruption, smuggling, piracy of intellectual property rights, and the underground provision of labor and other services.
This might explain why HK tops the biggest foreign investment per capita. This indicator measures the value of all foreign direct investment per 1000 people, $3.30M, 8 times more than the US! In such a financial idyll, many people forecast HK losing out to Shanghai, pulled apart in-between the eastern Tokyo and the western Singapore. But with a Renminbi remaining unconvertible, why China would build another financial center when HK can provide most of the services?

HK culture promotes the Cult of Work; hence this city is the busiest ever, just before Kuala Lumpur. But (again), at the same time it's the laziest and most bored place you can imagine. Competition and profit motive are encouraged by the market pressure and provide a spur for action. This frenetic appeal to act is a major factor in the diversification of services.
Hong Kong is such a schizophrenic society that it lacks of personal identity, is unable to differentiate between self (a city) and world (part of China) and is incapable of experiencing continuity through time (in Euler's sense).
Through the ubiquity of the media, the symbolic sequence bombarding citizen lambda during his daily routine in Hong Kong erodes his sense of temporal continuity. The images that flash across his retina are isolated, disconnected, discontinuous signifiers that fail to link up into a coherent sequence for the occidental issue. This postmodern editing disorients the subject and may contribute to annihilate his ego. The egolessness, the Dhyana, a mental state sought after in Asian meditation, which is also a characteristic of schizophrenia.

Another striking indicator is the territory's fertility rate, standing at an extraordinarily low 0.76, the lowest in the world. Late marriage, postponed childbearing and a growing number of women choosing not to marry combine to cause a continually falling birth rate that shows no sign of recovery. No other country in the world has ever experienced such a sudden decline. On the other extreme, the top-3 of the most fertile countries is owned by Somalia, Niger, and Afghanistan, all are Muslim countries declaring more than 6 children per woman.

All right, all those dead-end indicators don't really prove anything. The point here is; if capitalism is well understood in an Anglo-Saxon sphere which claims its paternity, it's still very controversial for the rest of the world. For most of us, we have to cope with such a various and rich cultural background that we are dazzled by its epiphenomenona. Apparent correlation in-between indicators (ex. schizophrenia/work load) can be seen as misunderstandings of local traditions. Capitalism is an hydra-headed creature routed in such a new social reality that we lack of straightforward statistics that could easily represent its real face.
Nevertheless, HK is definitely a disconcerting place on earth where synchrony in the apparent chaos may be rooted in the logic of Neumann and Smith.
The Chinese math jazz starts to make light of weighty ideas.


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Why DUSK is written in both French and English?

The unconscious reason beyond this tender is to target readers able to understand heritages from both French and British colonial empires. Not because it's attempting to undertake a universal enterprise, but more likely to position the book in a very hot and actual issue, WWIV. If Iraq war opposition is a global trend, it didn't embody in France without reason. After WWII French brain embrace the interface status. By proving its opportunistic abilities, it became a neo-British bitch, the link for understanding/fighting roman totalitARIANisms.

During WWIII it played the same role in relation in-between USA and the Soviet Union (1961, Kennedy De Gaulle meeting ) Again, during proto-WWIV French intelligence (extreme right one) played the same role. After being unable to cope with Indochina and then Algeria, they transfer their knowledge to CIAs in order to tame the Souths. Nowadays, right in the middle of WWIV, French intelligence follows the same logic. By having strong ties with Islamic régimes it claims it knows better how to deal with them than US intelligence. This is true. But it's definitely not for the sake of peace, over again, it's strategy!

"The game of strategy can, like music, be played in two keys. The major key is direct strategy, in which force is the essential factor. The minor key is indirect strategy, in which force recedes into the background and its place is taken by psychology and planning."
General André Beaufre
An Introduction to Strategy

All this nasty outpouring to explain that in a WWIV context even four years old kids know that disinformation is inevitable for people who rely only on official sources from their government. But what is a bit harder to understand is that there is another barrier, the one involved by language medium. It's not because you have internet access, that you can really catch other points of view. To do so, you need to speak other languages. To embrace the new complex link in-between Franco-British intelligence, one needs to be able to read both languages.

Monday, August 1, 2005

Giant memetic war hatching

I'm just arriving in this mind-blowing paradigm of memetic . So I'll try to use my fresh view about this concept to unleash the righteous character induce by first thoughts. As explained by memetic, first impressions are better connected to symbolic pipelines.
Last night I had a vision about a war in preparation. Let me explain.

Human beings control verb and religion, as they are both human creations. But human has been created by mediums. The medium is indeed the massage, the message, the mass age, and it urges to understand this prophetic vision of MCLuhan.
This is the esoteric origin of memetic, which is now getting more academic to gain exoteric recognition. Meme paradigm is the new toolkit to understand our creations better by getting a bit of divine fire from our creators; the Promethean paradox.

The implications of spreading this concept to the public are very complex to study. It could be associated to the arrival of a new religion. Studying memetic is a tough task, you need to consider your insights as a part of a bigger plot. If you accept the conclusion coming from the daredevil minds who are used to play with it, enventually you'll become a puppet. Fascists were sheeping in the hands of radio. All prophets didn't use media to control the mass, but the media used them to control the mass. They are the virulent bodies of memes.

My point is to measure the implication of the medium war ragging on the foundation of our reality. We are reaching a brand new stage where people relying on different medium coexist together. The overwhelming digital mediums want to finish off the still influent one-way mediums. We are getting into the conclusion of this underlying conflict, which is going to sprout out of human conscience as a horde of wild boars in your country garden.
The nastiest aspect of this hatching clash is its genuineness. We already experienced genetic massacre, holocaust, insane blood bath all over the world triggered by religious and racial tensions, but we never experience gory generation clash. As memes don't really bother about what we call morality, they may try something new in the form of a war in-between the ageing baby-boomers, the child of TV and their breed the irresponsible age pyramid fillers, the growing Internet legions.
Galaxy Marconi versus Turing Matrix
Let's hope the gods of symbols are wise enough to understand we will spit at their two-faced bastards if they don't understand the tragedy involved in this scenario…

Thursday, July 15, 2005

Transsexual makes you laugh?

Mentioning the void in-between the legs of an M-F transsexual triggers an uncontrollable force, bending your face in a frank smile? This still smoking ground zero titillates your humours. Damn, you can't restrict yourself? Then read what follow.
Even so transsexualism is a natural condition of the human species, this global phenomena was very hot after the wall collapsed. Since then, more and more men feel claustrophobically trapped and destined to live out their lives "imprisoned in the wrong body". They feel they are at the wrong place in the sexual struggle. And they are fuckin'right. Unless they can correct the situation with sex hormones, or sex reassignment surgery (SRS) and complete physical transition, they will ear a voice saying "it's too long to live out their lives in the incorrect gender not just socially, but also in your private live too. You need the right body for your inner gender feelings ".
By artificially opening their womb, they enter the most complex gender community, a network made of attractive bodies piloted by very robust brains, truth and knowledge reconciled to produce the ultimate embodied intelligence. No longer condemn to become cheap hookers, they can attend to their own business. New transsexual generation embraces a very rich network made of the cleverest breed in male specie. They can harness global nexus of information and master new forms of communication to control art, business, finance and legislation. Soon or later, they will form the elites. This approach is comparable to the queer movement in the 90's. Transgenderism is to rhizome society what queer movement was to dot-com emergence. Trans is the post 911 sex symbol. Why?

Among others, the law of diminishing marginal return and the tipping point of our "old Caucasian power-jackals civilization". If you need an easy explanation of this economic-proof theory, go and read Jeff Vail analysis of Joseph A. Tainter's "The Collapse of Complex Societies".
The answer is also in computer engineering. Software design stresses out the necessity to redesign a system when the degree of complexity it needs to reach a defined task, doesn't increase the performance. And anyway, even dummy programmers know at some point the hardware architecture has changed too much for their software to evolve without consequent rewriting of the code. After they reached the optimum speed of execution in accord with the task environment, they know it will be a matter of time until dodgy behaviors emerge from the complexity required to stay interfaced with the other operative levels. Here is the graph:
Does it mean transsexuallism is a concept taking place in this declining trend? Well, of course, and it's a blessing for those who thought doom's day was coming. It is to sexuality what hydrogen is to the future of energy. It's a way to patch the system and let it run a little more.

On top of this, masculine-based languages are rooted in the male body. And the collapse of the World Trade Center has made it easy for the inorganic intelligence to manufacture a new powerful phallic idol, the transsexual. This scarecrow is misunderstood, exaggerated, stigmatized. But as soon as it will be straightforward enough for the exoteric understanding, you'll stop laughing. In a sliding patriarchal civilization, items are labeled masculine or feminine, so those body crossdressers will represent the highest form of aestheticism. The process is called sissification. It's a well know artistic trick better know as forced feminization for the purposes of memetic control. This technique has been brilliantly used by Richard Wagner. This music juggernaut who brought on the Holocaust, was writing his Operas dressed as woman.

Transsexualism represents the final trend in a precipitated global collapse. They represent both its conclusion and the soil where a new order is emerging. So, are you really prepared to face your son when you'll notice he is taking hormone to start a SRS?

Monday, June 6, 2005

Sounds like we are going matriarchy

I've just watched "Visitors of the Night" directed by An van Dienderen, "The Ladies of the Lake: A Matriarchal Society" Produced by Journeyman Pictures and "Un monde sans père ni mari" by Eric Blavier and Thomas Lavachery.

These three short videos introduce the culture of the Moso people of Southwest China. In this astounding idyllic society, women have an impressive centripetal position and men are lazy as bee. While women work hard for the sake of their houses, men spend their days resting, smoking, and singing in front of Lugu Lake. Amazing! How come? Are those men the smartest bastard ever, who managed to rip women off even further than what we did in our judeo-civilization? In fact no.
It's just that out there, female considers male should spare his precious energy for the night battlefield. Do I need to say more?

Of course, my first idea popping up was "go get the first plane ticket you'll find to Kunming". Unfortunately I wasn't the first to think about it… In recent years, the commercialization of Moso culture from the perspective of ethnic tourists has already started. This last bastion of matriarchy, is torn apart by Beijing and is now facing the infamous global machine. Internet cafés are sprouting like in Guilin, and son enough you won't be able to recognize the particularities of this unique system.

The good news is that the overemphasized picture of this female supremacy might trigger some imitators. This advertisement for a radical society revamp is second to none.
One will soon understand that "Women inherit the earth, not conquer. Not that women are any better in character than men, but the operating word is "the meek." Relative to the area of property, they win. In Patriarchy the men act as if the universe owes them an eternal living; and actually they are immortals temporarily marooned on this planet. But only gods are immortal. The whole thing is explained in the highly sarcastic Psalm 82."

Wednesday, June 2, 2005

Donne du mou!

DUSK is an Open Source Uchrony, analyzing information in the nexus dimension.
This first book is the starting point of an utopia in direct reference to the beginning of the third millennium.

"Monday, December 27 2004, IF the huge explosion halfway across the galaxy had packed even more power, THEN the whole face of the world would have changed."

From Hong Kong to Siberia, Maxime, the main character, is evolving within a complex 5-degree network made of nihilist bankers, Asian businessmen, transsexual hackers, and virtual assistants···
Written in "original version" style, the narrator is thinking in French and chatting in English.