Monday, May 8, 2006

Towards Anatomical Dissection of Massive-Multi-Agent System

ROBOSAPIEN™(s) versus Aibo™


We are interested in developing notion of artificial emotion for a robot inspired from biological emotions.
Artificial emotions are considered as a reaction of an artificial organism to the environment, based on its internal states. The work presented here, is based on notion of Anatomical Dissection of Massive-Multi-agents System originally described in Understanding Intelligence. As an extension to the Morphological paradigm, Anatomical is understood as representing the global state of Massive-Multi-Agent System as shape in geometrical space. This notion is close to the notion of phase space in physics. We propose to investigate the relation between the robot's behavior and the Anatomical representation of its current state by associating multi-agent systems to the ROBOSAPIEN™'s sensors.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Donkey Story

On the extreme upper right of Afghanistan is a little finger reaching out East. It's the Wakhan Corridor. Straight north of it is Tajikistan's Pamir mountains, South of it is Pakistan's Hindukush and the provinces of Chitral on the left part, and Gojal, on the right part.
Well, there is a trek in Pakistan that takes about 13 days and follows the border of Afghanistan and the Wakhan Corridor.
These people that we encountered throughout this trek have a name: they are Wakhis. Wakhis are Ismaili, followers of the Aga Khan who lives in France. They are also called the mountain Tajiks. They speak a funny language of Indo-European origins, made of lots of guttural and nasal sounds. It sounds sometimes like stones rumbling underwater in the river bed. Otherwise, Pakistan's lungua franca is urdu - a language that both Mareile and I speak. I also have basic of Wakhi. Of course, this was essential to our trek - being understood by the head of the village as well as by the shepherd.

But donkeys speak a different language, and we had to learn this one.


Monday, October 17, 2005

Beneath the harsh reality lies a brighter tomorrow

What are those workers doing?
[Pacific Place, Admiralty, this picture is brought to you by Raphael]

Cleaning the pavement to prevent a super chicken flue spread?
Bowing to gods? Pretending they are dogs?



No, they are just making sure everything will be under control for the upcoming most powerful legislative and judicial hop in the world. So they glue the cobblestones to the ground to secure Gucci's expensive frontage. Who would blame them?
The sixth WTO Ministerial Conference will be held in Hong Kong from 13 to 18 December and hopefully article 23 didn't get through.

"Man: So you don't know what to choose. Look at me, I don't have a choice.
Lady: What would you like to choose?
Super: Free trade!
Plenty of choice
Man: The WTO conference is here in December. Let's support it."
Official Free Trade Mobile Phone Annoucement

Much more to come···

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Paris Hilton tames Google

Since Google is kicking Yahoo's ass, eBay emerges and is becoming a sort of Eminem, a new kind of underground stabilizer, or even more, like a Britney Spears, the hot new best buy. Every woman knows that Paris Hilton was a giant - But she's even larger than Google. One may not have observed that Google own page rank is 9 out of 10, but one shall know why Hilton is such a fashion icon. This is pure web show business!
Let me give you a simple example. What would happen if Mapquest was triggering a star war in Linkin Park, or even more crazy, in South Park? They could easily initiate this madness by linking their road maps with Slipknot's funny gang bus tripe. They would straightforwardly find the best driving directions and they could use something like napoleon dynamite to engage Metallica or Led Zeppelin in a life consuming evanescence. Those insane love killers would be wanted allover the southwest world, all TV puppies would praise for their appearance on Howard Stern and Green Day would likely raise fund for the victims by promoting a massive orgy with nasty Lindsay Lohan, boobsy lipsy Denise Richards, kinky Jennifer Aniston and her band of transsexual mini-dragons, horny Halle Berry, over-emo Beyonce, perverted Ashlee Simpson, fiendish ebony Lil Kim, crazily naughty Carmen Electra - I lose my breath - very sexual Christina Aguilera and her college girls, topless Anna Nicole Smith and last but not least, Jennifer Lopez. Pam Anderson would be so jealous not to be invited.
I love the idea and I bet 50 cents the anime showing those hot girls kissing with tattoos, big cocks and toys would be soon the best-selling manga in the world. Usher would quickly take advantage of it to sing a song, a slew of online games playing his music would feature girls gone wild's lyrics, hot women would flaunt their thongs at American Idol and an uncanny list of baby names would soon spam your hotmail account. Money would flow like a tsunami.
With such a simple plan, would they really share the booty with us? Would these superstars really pay their IRS tax? Won't they do like Nirvana? Pretending they are dead to drag few bucks out of their wives by reconverting them into mature models for bestiality movies. I've always been shocked how fast the people forget what has been said only 5 years ago. The used Jessica Simpson already warned us about letting celebrities' dog having cats and back in 2000, Michael Jackson explained his people that their neurosis is more about creampie and insanities than search engines' politic. So don't worry, fun is free, gratis. Don't fear the spybot, Madonna attends to your every needs. Bum's notion is lie!

Just forget your horoscopo 2005 for a moment and imagine a world where people only use their legs to go to Walmart or to the closest home depot store? A world where it's always Christmas, where you can always renew the interior decoration of your dwelling, where you feel like in a giant candy shop, where you're perpetually in the mood for cuddling with good charlotte and all natural artificial flavor, where males are all desperately looking for becoming a family guy. That's right, you get the picture; the web can make this happen. You just need enough to pay your rent, mortgage, electricity, and DSL.
And in order to survive, what you only need to know is that one of the reasons the rich get richer is because they have more control over our number one expense: ART.
20th century was a sublime directory fulfilled with vibrant artists who knew how to save-as-they-earn, just choose the one you prefer. A Dirt of Hell was struggling as a painter in Vienna, reproducing idyllic scenes from postcards and selling his paintings to tourists - Cud Lee wrote a bodice-ripping historical novel about sex in the church, the book is on Amazon - Avida Dollars was collecting real-fake pieces and became closer to the Franco regime after his return to Catalonia. Obscene art?
With so many freebooters, history looks like perpetual accumulation of jokes. It ain't no system of a down. Make sure you despair with politeness and open your eyes to the brand new white sensual noise of Paris Hilton.

Sunday, October 2, 2005

Cultes des Goules

Stirred by the success of 28 Days Later, Shaun of the Dead and Biohazard movies, Houellebecq went into exile on the UK; not London of course, but the implacable Catholic bastion, Ireland. What's in his head.
Zombies have been gaining some credit within the Think-Tanks. Consider the most boring movie "les revenants" (2004), even French cinéma starts to understand it's not only about teenager's bad taste for scary tales. It's more about the fall of the states profiting the overpowering of the corporations, rampant anarchy spreading like virus, the ultimate goal of technology and religion, the western's view of living with death, the bipolarity ubiquity.

Land of the Dead, The Return of the Romero to the horror subgenre he invented with Night of the Living Dead (1968), was rated Singapore:R21 for pervasive strong violence and gore, language, brief $exuality and some drug use. His new masterpiece is a radical stand in front of Resident Evil Apocalypse (rated Singapore:NC16), far less harmless that its rating and videogame outfit could suggest. Very easy to digest, this version gives no room for fantasy or contestation. Wrapped in a highly violent aestheticism, everything is formatted to avoid you thinking about the secret plot behind the scene - a very effective recipe.
Featuring Dario's daughter, Asia , Land of the Dead is as usual such a just-in-time comeback in a cinematographic arena saturated by gory clichés. As a man of his time, George knows how to play with censure to support his mæssage.
Back to 68, what happened there?
  • The Hong Kong Flu pandemic begins in Hong Kong.
  • The CIA's Phoenix Program is officially established.
  • A student demonstration ends in a massacre at La Plaza de las Tres Culturas in Tlatelolco, Mexico.
  • US spacecraft Apollo 8 enters orbit around the moon.
Cold War was insidiously raging allover the globe and some Americans were starting to realize where their brand new Capitalism was leading them; to turn mankind into a legion of creatures luring travelers into desert wastes to slay and devour them, robbing graves and feeding on the flesh of the dead and young children. Have you ever heard about the infamous Comte d'Erlette?

···Le FOIE ne pensera plus qu'au plaisir. Ce qu'il ne pourra pas obtenir par la lettre et la loi, il le prendra par la force de sa volonté. Il deviendra gras et pustuleux sur la richesse d'une nation.
Les MAINS saisiront l'Europe à la gorge et déclareront leur la vie de la terre. Des chefs d'une force fantastique apparaîtront. Le VISAGE sera celui de l'avidité démasquée et se grisera de violence. Un second Grand Banquet affaiblira l'emprise des MAINS et les YEUX pourront regarder le monde sans crainte···

Already for the first Zombie film, White Zombie (1932), capitalism penetration was very much in the news. Under the occupation of the U.S. Marine Corps, Haiti was an American colony in all but name.

What alarmed George is the increasing interest from the entertainment juggernauts for a problematic he stressed out 37 years ago. For obvious greeny motives and in a spark of conscious he flaunted the threat of having a monopole in this juicy business - the art of using people phobia to amaze them and make them buy your products - a conversion of corporate abuse denunciation into mass entertainment.
How can Sony's Apocalypse claims denouncing the kind of coup d'état the old rice boiler manufacturer has done in the movie industry 15 years ago? Whether they have the blindest script consultants or they reached an excise sense of despair - the kind of humor you start to play with when you're getting so confident you know it's not going to last.
fffff!!! Mila versus Asia, make your bet!
Mila vs Asia. The die is cast.
Or maybe we're expecting a real outsider?

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sex, money and Everything

The dominant generation likes to stress out the deviant šexuality depicted in Dusk by calling it a nihilist mechanic devoid of feelings.
I'll simply call this PORNO; the videoξene mediator - the final products of our time; of course our sexuali†y is drastically different from the one of the hippies. What were they expecting?
We are the golden children of the dissolved family model. We are the Rococo $iffrAIDSi generation. We worship amazing lusty exchange, kinky @nal mortgage, best Large-gap Stocks to watch oozing, long Dong Drops 38" on butty-traders, may the foreskin be with the crack whore of America, scientists and economists have proved - size does matter without rip-offs, old dirty commodities brokers reconverted into bag ladies, Jeff Koons inda house and everything is under control.

Sexual life cycle depends on species characteristics and environmental conditions. The new ground our one sprouted out, is a colorful memorial park protected by electrified barbwire bulwark and cybernetic watchtower from WWII.
In the middle of barracks square, the STD scarecrow, erected by humanists' ultimate whiff of conservation. Asian bidirectional emission of propaganda soon was enslaving them. No more room for humans. Always the same message spreading - evolving from free couple, right-to-deviance to a pernicious trap set by the scientific apparatus.
Women - sexuality's Creed - already have to think about both clit and v@gina during intercourses - are currently enslaved to capital, unlimited wealth and knowledge.
The human reproduction in symbiosis with the M@†®X is now fully equipped with high-end tools for direct genetic manipulations. Servo-phoenix resurrection from the third Reich hashes puts mankind back into goods. Our sexuality is quantifiable, measurable, CONTROLABLE. Last bastion of Mankind - Human itself - annihilated.
To make us swallow the pill, the market brings out the old fashion satyrs hibernating from the porn prehistory - minimalist industry promising a sexual life fulfilled with fascist sodomy - VERY CLEAR MÆSSAGE.
Toss away Pedosexuality and other sadomasochisms for more soluble compromise in masculine's unconscious. Old school sex is too dangerous - one can really create a new human being! This one would not be subject to the determinism-thirsty beast's control.
In it death those, it's finally showing its real face, something grounded in old human archetypes, the one inherited from the Roman Empire, result of the fights against all types of anchorites during the prototype era of Christianity.
To claim our realization in front of this suicidal steamroller, one needs to turn a deaf ear to avoid millions of asexual zombies screaming - shut the fuck up, you frustrated! -
···Indeed we are! But less than Them, even in their referential. We have money - ad nauseam, the most elaborated products of sex supermarket we blithely can consume.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Do you believe?

Every time an Egyptian taxi driver is asking me this question, I'm blown away. By this they mean "are you Muslim?" Because I don't look like Arabic they think I'm a crumpy poly-pagano-atheist. But I'm not, I'm Muslim and NO, I don't believe!

Ethnically speaking, I'm Batak, born around Lake Toba in Sumatra Island. My parents are Indonesians and made me Muslim - no matter what - it's my social initial conditions.
I guess you already see me arriving spotting my uniqueness and my TRUE understanding of the Koran···
Well, I can tell you, I rarely meet any Bataks in the emirates or wherever my fast pace lifestyle send me to. So YES, I'm this kind of unique guy, who knows who he is because his culture is rock-solid. I'm use to intrusive missionaries and sleazy evangelists trying to annihilate my foundations. They became so good with time it's now very hard to detect them with their new penguin outfit. From corporate aggression, despotic governments, to extraterrestrial invasion, they never managed to dupe the sharpen hunter senses I inherited from my ancestors. I can easily recognize them by their constant trend to use fear to dominate their neighbour - to make us obey their rules.
My ancestors embraced Islam because its message was different; it gave us a solid explanation that hunting was more about achieving spiritual depth than physical violence against our enemies.
This unlikelihood of human nature surviving in a changing environment can be used in many ways. Oil supply. Media diffusion. Technology control. Ontogeny.

The jihad is on those who would make life OBEY rules. This assertion is directly pointing at most of the jihadists. Mystic of Sufism rejects the legal definition of jihad as armed conflict and tells Muslims to withdraw from the worldly concerns to achieve spiritual depth.
Well, where are we going with mystics? Burning fuel for immaterial matters... Spirits dwelling on...

Laskar Jihad is responsible for the murder of more than 10,000 Christians in Indonesia!

I don't believe because I'm not scared by the scarecrows erected by a bunch of clever-clogs who use religion as a powerful media-tool. I don't believe because the question is seldom used to ask if I trust the future, it's more likely placed in a context of putting each others in a cold sweat.
If the question is do I bow to God, I'll answer positively but not because I fear his ire. Fear in Islam is a viral intrusion, a twisted bastardized understanding of a Koran transformed by the virulence of a corrupted Christianity. Sorry for my much talked-about proselytism, but from the Muslim point of view Christianity is a joke which starts not to be funny anymore.
We respect all monotheists' points of view. Monotheist prophets are the shoulders on which relies the voice of Mohamed. But Christianity recurring paranoia about the end of the world has done ENOUGH in this world.
I bow to God because I know I know no shit. I bow cause I'm sure of one thing, one can't be sure about nothing - Not even Doom's day.

I'm for a heterogeneous Islamic civilization. Made of chronic refinement with the culture it has and it will reveal. Our future is heterogeneous and free of fear. Islamic civilization is open and is now facing a crisis of exotoxicity.
In a world where the direction the Islamic civilization steers is of vital importance, the question whether the Southeast Asian Islam could become a model for the future of Muslims can only be answered by the Muslims who live there.

Every body who's going to question my faith again will be granted by a "go f#ck yourself with your bastardized mediterranism!".