Thursday, December 15, 2005


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Friday, December 8, 2005

Shamanic extracts

Can order some crazy shite on the web those days.
Last night, me and my friend Karim took 30g each of Trichocereus Cuzcoensis tissue in infusion. We ordered the stuff here:
Trichocereus Cuzcoensis tissue
Figure 0 : Trichocereus Cuzcoensis tissue
It arrived home after 10 days.
First a bit suspicious, we prepared it the real way - with panpipes and shit. Tasted like plutonium.
Made me feel like if I was a steak. I flipped out of control when I discovered I was being devoured by a swarm of double helical maggots.
Karim on Trichocereus
Figure 1 : Karim on Trichocereus
After effects unknown. . .

Sunday, December 4, 2005

Hi Santa Claus

Please make sure They go to this webpage for my time keeper because it has really good stuff and They can see how Their ideas are coming along after They think. Is it possible for you to help Them get me a good StreetWriter?
expanded width of StreetWriter allows for messages and simple graphics that are legible from tall buildings and low flying aircraft and is capable of rendering messages that are several hundred feet in length

I would really appreciate it. Last time, I did not give my family any hints and I didn't write to you either, so I didn't get a nice one.
Just ensure my family and friends know that this is of a good design, well-made, and 1/100th of the cost of the real thing. How can I ensure THEY get this letter? Paste it on the front door?

I am so tired of getting mittens - I live in a tropical climate.

Yours truly,

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

10 tips for successful hooking

adada    adada

  • 1 - Look at your client with a surprised expression.
  • 2 - Smile.
  • 3 - Let your client speak first.
  • 4 - Hug or kiss or both.
  • 5 - Sing the praises of your client's attributes.
  • 6 - Hold your client's gaze when you blow.
  • 7 - Protect yourself.
  • 8 - Fake a vibrant climax.
  • 9 - Do not let your client clean himself.
  • 10- Do not let your client pay at the second encounter.
Could be used in radically different context.
It sounds straightforward, but essential things are never repeated enough.

Friday, November 26, 2005


Imagine a learning system made of gigantic networks trained with everything mankind wrote. A machine that tries to detach itself so as to allow our global unconscious making random associations and a suspension of disbelief. What would we have?

Old dirty Picasso said - computers are useless because they only give answers. As our little egghead would be running on a computer, would it also still be useless?
If you avoided the fatal meaning-overload induce by playing with words, this kind of machine would allow you to comprehend everything one could say. Based on the Verb chronology, it would be able to get the fittest linguistic pattern out of the entire history of Scripture.
Even all the questions a normal being from our actual time could ask would be ready to be asked. Nobody can really imagine how clever such a system would look. Imagine someone who can automatically predict what you're going to say based on what he told you, who can surf instantly upon the sum of mankind's knowledge. This entity would easily be able to ask you relevant questions and would prettily fit in most of the intelligence requirement specifications. Isn't intelligence simply an answer, if we know the right question?
Ok, that's it, we got our best cognitive system. Bravo! You created the Ultimate Rhetoric Warrior.

But is it so much better than a single human brain? Is it so much useful? Could we already start to dirt our pants and find ourselves a new planet where science will be forbidden?
No. Not yet. This speech gladiator would be easily thrown to the ground by any children's mischievousness.
First of all, after spending enough time with this machine, kid's brain would easily seize the best out of it. He will cream off this gems cavern to grab the best emergent diamond. After few years the kid's biological network would easily tame this new toy and use it to showoff during playtime.
Secondly, the older your get the closer your get to this monster of narration. The more specialized you get, the less creativity you can squeeze out of yourself. You can faint it with brilliance. You can become a specialist of illusions and pretend your creativity is rejuvenating. You'll just become one of those quacks who claim they can keep human body up forever. There are some ways to balance the decay effect, but come one, this peddler's trick is too famous to be anything else than a rip-off.
Creativity fades in the old age and that's precisely what makes mankind so useful. That's where kid's superiority lies and where machines bite the dust.

This hiding doesn't prove cognitive network is a wrong approach, it only emphasis the irrelevancy of my system's specifications.
Here we have a very interesting concept to hands, but still not as much as a single chemical brain. If my description is seducing and feasible, it definitely doesn't conduce to transvaluation.
If Neural Network approach can physically reproduce what's our brains do, there is still an important lack of questioning. Are we really willing and ready to grin and bear it? We'll probably have a better picture after meditating about our future duels with those Ultimate Rhetoric Warriors.
Or maybe we'll evolve so much we won't even notice they already exist.
Unless they fail we wouldn't be able to question their utility anymore.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Giant memetic war hatching 2

Indulge my virulent interpretation of memetic which is infected by long refinement of hierarchical Europeanism.

Memes are studying us in order to learn and evolve. As neural networks and viruses, memes are both learning and predicting at the same time, so YES that's the nub of the complication.

Meme terminology didn't invent the underlying physical fatality it relies on. Information in the universe is coded by the local configuration of matter-energy particles. But all shapes aren't able-bodied - some would contravene the principle of conservation of energy. Morphology momentum was here before Dawkins and the replication triggered by his discovery made at the same time as multimedia networks genesis is everything else than a coincidence. There is a BIGGER PLOT!
For instance, G()()gle is an easy to study specimen of memetic embodiment in language and truth. But it's already very difficult to embrace it in its whole without using homemade tools. Esoterism, Tarot, Alchemy and Magic could be breeding grounds for developing your own interpreters. They provide a more accurate approximation of chaos pulsation.

In "Giant memetic war hatching", my comparison with the arrival of a new religion was desperately chronologic. I've been using chronology to discern a dangerous discrepancy in nowadays population. What happened 60 years ago was initiated with just a minor one. Fascisms and media cleavages were a result of geographical isolation. But now the generational separation is so huge - authoritarian radio-jackals coping with irresponsible net-junkies - it's comparable with the emergences of language articulation - archetypes - logic - truth - tragedy - poetry.
The fault line has never been so wide and could explain why we are bristling with worst case scenarios. So it doesn't appear such a pitfall to me to look at the apocalyptic predictions of religious texts. Always written in media contrasted ages, they are just so close to what we're actually going through.


I've just recovered from a rash over my arms and the flu I caught in Thailand, no joke··· My mind is still stocked by subtle fever. I admit I have difficulties to focus enough to go back where I was when I wrote this post. This is serious shite···

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Paradigm coup

As subject of a gestalt demonstration, you know that your perception has shifted because you can make it shift back and forth repeatedly while you are looking at the same picture. Aware that nothing in your environment has changed, you direct your attention increasingly not to the figure (computer or car) but to the pixels you are looking at. Ultimate you may even learn to see those pixels without seeing either of the figures and you may then say (what you could not legitimately have said earlier) that it is these pixels that you really see but that you see them alternately as a vehicle and as a computer.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Just for the records and for people who still think Matrix is a Japanese video game. This pic is two years old:
That's her, the massive slavery obedience machine.
Figure M: Map created at CAIDA as part of their skitter project, 2003

Until then she's still blind, so she can't analyze this picture without us. The pic will remain fantasy until she is able to see by herself.
She's also a bit deaf, but she's starting to listen.
Skeptical? Eat this Blog!