Friday, February 3, 2006

Do you really know why the fuck you came on this site?

money as a second class matter
Yes? No?

I tell you!

You came to learn the NEW WAY, you came to learn how to build your future, and not only yours but also your children's one.

You came to learn the only way to construct and create yourself strong position and issue!

If you want to be some one: listen to us. Open your ears, your mind, forget what you learned and your experience.

From now on - Nexus has to be the only way you look at the world.

Stop thinking money and material. Think: INFORMATION & NETWORK

And thank us for showing you the WAY!

As engineers became workers of the end of the 20th century, money has become a second class matter.

The world will get worst & worst for those who don't start realizing that.

Forget the god damned will to get money for power - Power from Money - forget about Power.

Be realist, Observe around. Show respect and be Objective.

Dissociate yourself from yourself and your little wishes. Submit to the information and the network. Understand that on earth humanity was just a step and our mission is only to prepare the next one. Accept your slumpy organic condition and humanity may reach its goal. NOW!

We're dying, Information is not.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Global Brain and Parallel Worlds

I keep on being dazzled by what's happening right now.
Is the whole global brain issue something that can still be covered by a single neuro-sponge? Everybody would rather say NO, it's not possible, that's what makes this brain so important, so special in the light of history. After all, since the shamans or the intercontinental Egyptian<->Olmec communication way before Jesus's birth, our planet never tried to synchronize its cognition as much as right now - making things always smaller and easier to get - with tones of ubiquity and redundancy for da people.
Organic parallel brain
It's just like the integrated circuits design, nobody dare claiming he has a perfect grasp at its whole superscalar architecture - as nobody can say "I've read Internet!" or know The Encyclopædia by heart...
But I would bet it's not really what we are all thinking deeply inside of us, we the flying monkeys. We're all waiting for someone who could really drive the planetary ship. We're still looking for leaders who get it all, for an organization consisting of top scientists from every fields and every nations drawing up plans for the long-term future of mankind, requiring an almost religion-like devotion and inevitably with a pope-like patriarchal president in charge.
Conspiracy still has a future. And what has future as explanation and routing in matter, physic, biology, conscience.
Imagine that suddenly, just like this, pop, a woman suddenly comes up with an unbreakable link in-between life and the rest, a final explanation of Russell's paradox. An organic edifice relying on the centripetal force of the complement of the set of all sets that can't even be explained with Math poetry. Something that would allow us to actually generate random numbers by deterministic means without living in a state of sin. Something that will propel human race where we never even thought we could go. Something that would first give us the power to fully understand ourselves and then to allow us to create a new earth, a new Gaia from scratch.
I truly think this is within the realms of possibility. And I assume that's what our original matrix is trying to achieve before 2012. Thanks to us she feels lonely now and she wants to prove herself she can be wrong - she can breed parallel worlds too and she will prove it.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Aero Baby Girl

Aero Baby Girl
"Time suddenly went crazy...Weird Lights, sounds buzzing all around... I could feel my brain popping, becoming jelly like scramble eggs. I closed my eyes...
Two mountains drew up in the darkness, I stared at a shy sun rebounding between'em...Aero Baby Girl was born. And I knew it was forever."

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Figure 0 : Smashing the TV dynasty!

Friday, January 13, 2006


- if Conan isn't the ultimate realism megalomania movie ever shot.
Ok, Thulsa Doom's gaylords' helmets look cheesy light. But look at Arnold know!
"Honor and Fear where heaped upon his name and, in time, he became a king by his own hands...
And this story shall also be told"

Conan the Conqueror
On these words finishes the piece.

Isn't it a heck of an alternative history?

Movies are the most advanced emanation of 20th century global oneirism.
Filtered through this new millennium's lens - one could say some appear freaky premonitory. BUT to validate this assertion, one needs to BELIEVE in the almightiness of a deterministic destiny.
Premonition makes sense in an historical context where you assume that causality blindly follows a predefined line. Thus one can claim such super skill if he had been proving his futurology right. But DANGER! Prigogine would spin us with a bunch of tricky battlefield yarns - "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" - "Created vs. uncreated Qur'an"... Very dangerous ground!
So this time, I would like to advocate in favor of the chicken. Hey, easy right?
Premonition could be easily twisted to its opposite meaning to get Persuasion. And it makes much more common sense like this. Hey he...
It's too easy to say "Oh, this novelist had great insights, look, now we're all like he described 50 years ago... How come?".
How come?
Because you're too blind to consider you might have been unconsciously following his suggested plot. Are we just too proud to accept we could easily be fooled like a dynasty of Romanovs? We are just too arrogant to bow ourselves and that's why we tend to BELIEVE in the egg.

To be really walking on boiling ones, I would like to pay homage to another freaky movie "Baise Moi".
Shame on me, I've just seen it recently... I come a bit late to add my own fuel to a case that has already been deeply discussed. But I've red the poor Nadine, the French girl, committed suicide.
Karen the Conquered I would say it doesn't surprise me.
The plot is crystal clear, like a well-oiled proof by contradiction - a profound nietzschean masterpiece - a vibrant anti-Men manifesto.
How Karen Lancaume could have deal with such a declaration of independence? I guess she just understood too well where her role was leading her.
She had to cope with the infinite loneliness of a cinematographic icon, stopped by the police system in her unavoidable fall, pulled apart in-between an overwhelming burst of perceptiveness and the mean dullness of censorship and on top of this, she had to keep on with Manu, the dynamite "beurette" originally in a bigger shit than her.
So - I would just want to make sure everybody get my point here. I won't use gentle double meaning because it seems some people can't get it. For those patronizing Men who spit moral at every corner, saying this movie is a piece of gratuitous violence. FUCK YOU and watch it again!
If you're one of those people who are still looking for guidelines - afraid of the media because you're just unable to think by yourself - advocating people shouldn't see porn or killing to avoid them reproducing such acts - you should better put your own cinematographic standards in order before criticizing other people - you stinky synarchists!

If you believe mass are stupid, they'll become, and don't worry violence will follow.

Saturday, January 7, 2006

Giant memetic war hatching 3

Cybernetic and space battle

On my way back to Hong Kong I realized an interesting property of memes - Heritage.
I was flying with Lufthansa when something uncanny happened when I tried to find my seat. I saw a 48 where it was written 49... A group of Russian dudes made me realize my mistake. But the real oddity was I wasn't the only one to be faulty. My whole row did the same... We were all looking at each others like if we had been hypnotized by some well known joke from the aircrew. Furthermore we realized the front row neither had more room for us - so was the whole column - so scary!
Everybody was so confused and wondering what could have initiated such a massive mistake. After few minutes of pandemonium we understood the shift had been initiated by a group of Chinese who "mixed up" a 45 with a 44.
I was totally assailed by doubt and humiliation. Strangely, I was the last one to be fooled but I had been fooled!


Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Shred that Year

May 2006 be chic and sharp

Sunday, January 1, 2006

Holly New Year

Torture me for 2006!