Friday, Decembre 2, 2006


In 1965 Moore's law stated that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit for minimum component cost doubles every 24 months.
This fascinating prophecy has been thoroughly self-fulfilled by Moore who is the co-founder of Intel. Another interesting law is Rock's Law. It says that the cost of a semiconductor chip fabrication plant doubles every four years. As of 2003, the price had already reached about 3 billion US dollars. Both laws are compatible with each other as long as the ultimate limit to growth of the industry isn't reached. This limit represents the maximum amount of capital that can be invested in new products. As long as we still love processing, at some point, Rock's Law will collide with Moore's Law. But nobody knows when is this collision going to happen?
Let's refresh our bulbo-memories by having a look at the evolution of the semiconductor industry:
Moore's law clash on Rock
That's quite amazing right?

In 2012, with one single personal computer, a private individual will own the equivalent processing power of 2000's medium scale movie industry render-farm. With the sum of both Central Processing Unit and Graphic Processing Unit, he will roughly put 128 Pentium III on the back burner.
What does that mean? Will everybody run SFX businesses?
Most likely, they won't. It's more probable that major box office winners like Pixar, DreamWorks and ILM will still exist. They will just change their products to fit with this brand new multimedia landscape teeming with powerful computers. They might merge with video game gladiators like Blizzard and use this spare processing power for security reason. Square Enix is already a striking example of this kind of merging.
on M@, Big Mother, and Mr Slave
I know that the present is always invisible because it is environmental and it saturates our whole field of attention. But let's switch to another lingo and let's try to understand and feel like an average witness of this epoch. How drastically this will generate far-reaching environmental changes?
The new personal computers will lead to the enhancement and externalization of his entire central nervous systems; his technological body will evolve to a constantly evolving fantasy where he can virtually do anything his imagination wants; as long as he isn't violating security rules set by the corporate world he will be able to evolve in an infinite extension and intensification of his eye, thus transforming all aspects of his social and psychic existence.
At that time I guess the M@†®X theory will have nothing scary anymore. He won't have the will or the power to change this reality. After blurring the difference in-between movies and video games, the entertainment industry merge will also give him a hard time distinguishing online and real-life experiences. "Real-life" will be associated with a linear perception of predefined events; movies and fictions of the 20th century will be the blueprints. But the real real-life will be the simulation, an open space, like the grotesque pretence of an infinity of Woody Allen scenarios.
This will be the ultimate end of the Renaissance Man, the dusk of the mechanical age of hardware.
This transformation will generate great trauma and identity loss. People will try to understand what to do with it. And they will suffocate in a narcissistic hallucination that will lead them to the zombie trance of the virtual counsumariat. Only people who understand what this new electronic environment is going to do to us will be able to escape slavery.
Does it sound useless to you?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


This is it. Here we are. From the moment the chemicals of New Year's Eve started to squander, I was putting myself in a brand new year, at the station, again.
That 6th of January I received my first weird mail from the Santa Fe Entertainment Department, wishing me a happy centennial of statehood!
Then, I remember everybody kept dead quiet. I was expecting to receive few interesting mails from people feeling alone, asking some attention, but nada.
Fun only came back to the lab with the Chinese New Year. Survivors were looking very excited by this whole Water-Dragon thing. One week after, I remember they told me it was here to great us from very far away. The next day they were all gone. Dawn told me they were on a spaceship to Eros?
February 5, Super Bowl! Applied Biosystems gave us two tickets for the opening. First time on 3 months we saw some open space. The next day Elizabeth II was celebrating her 60 years of reign - what an old swine!

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Friday, October 06, 2006

How to get out of the Great Firewall

Hactivismo has just released Torpark.

A significant leap forward in software industry and a major one for security pedagogy for tones of reasons:

It's one of the lightest version of Firefox - the famous free web browser. Extremely small to download, the decompressed directory is less than 30 megs and can fit anywhere - USB key - secret directory - thus it allows you to experience a very safe browsing as every local files are constantly flushed to prevent malwares to accumulate.

The second issue is almost moral. It's a very easy introduction to safe surfing. When you use it, you become anonymous. You become one with the TOR network. Nobody knows who and where you are as you're constantly changing your Internet address with the one provided by TOR's network nodes. The more we will use this way of surfing, the harder it will be for any organization to record our daily behavior on the web. Its popularization would trigger a major shift in Internet industry.

The third reason is for supporting freedom of speech. On Internet it looks easy to say everything you want, but it's also easier for powerful organization to hide information from your browsing capacity. China is the best example - but it can be extended to every nation. By using Torpark you proudly become an anonymous citizen of the world that can now access censored political content.

Download it at this mirror:

Read this in Chinese, in arabic, in spanish.

Tuesday, Septembre 20, 2006

Cultes des Goules II

Sony picture corporatism versus George A. Romero; It was in 2005.
Now, only one year after their little clash what's going on in the media arena?
Check this bumfight felony and you'll get the update.
99% of the population...
Are the moribund pictures that show them as mere victims respond more to our needs as would-be rescuers than to their needs as real people?
The world is sick but this doesn't preclude it to spin. And I would bet Nigerians, Afghans and tramps are very proud people who would probably beat the shit out of me if they saw what I'm doing with their issues.
So what's wrong with those folks who recycle our fears for some new kind of sick entertainment? Unless they are decent organizations raising funds, they should all be wiped out of our eyes!
Lines are so thin when you get there that it looks very disturbing. What really differentiate nice volunteer doctors and evil vaccination firms? What prevent you not to release your deepest anger and start messing randomly with everybody? What prevents war reporters not to switch their Canon to a real one?
They emerge from a confused debate due to an old dualism in aesthetics: autonomy versus moral. Autonomy agents are supposed to deny the inappropriateness of moral evaluation, whereas moralistic presumably denies art's autonomy.
Are the answers to this reciprocal exclusion new?
To reply we need to look closer at Science.
Scientists like to repeat that nothing that comes out of their labs will ever be abandoned. This is because scientists are more like curators; they sort theories out of the insane amount of proposal our world is constantly creating. If a proposal has been formalized enough to go through EMPIRicism and EXPERimentation ordeals, it's eventually going to be released in a scientific paper and end up in some engineer desk.
That's why everything with Science label WILL be used by mankind one day or the other, whether we LOVE IT or not.
Bearing that in mind you can trace back what we are really trying to achieve, down here on earth, with all those atomic gizmos and dna software. We are expressing our global aesthetical will, carving traces our mutated offspring might be struggling with for millenniums.
We are witness and these pictures are our testimony. The events we have recorded should not be forgotten and must not be repeated.
But unfortunately our tragic universe looks like running dangerously short of fresh, appealing novelty.

Monday, August 28, 2006

JavaScript and the New World Order

Technology is a belief system. Machines are traps. Computers are machines that promise us to relink spirit and matter together. They promise us the ubiquity to download conscience and live forever in digital heaven, just next to our money. Moneta ex machina. Internet is an anchorite offspring and surfing is pious.
The Web is a religion!
So with this in mind, our social reaction to Internet and the way it became exoteric look way less chaotic. The enthusiasm borne by the zealous netocrats and their legions of digital galley slaves becomes crystal clear.
What are the coders doing with this promise? What is mankind trying to forget with this massive sacrifice of lines of logic and math? Has this something to do with those sins already forgiven by god? Does indulgence sounds familiar to you? Indulgence is a doctrine about granting full or partial pardons from the punishment of sins in order to spend less time in purgatory. It has been used by the Roman Catholic Church's hierarchy throughout history to motivate its faithful to do a number of things, including raising funds for the building and renovation of churches, as well as sustaining the auspiciously decadent lifestyle of the priests.
No wonder conspiracy theories flourish all over the information highways. They are sociotypes, dissident sects, fractures, failures in our social awareness. They are the immaterial embodiment of our global will to reconnect ourselves with Eden, with the flesh, the womb. They represent the direction our unconscious is leading us ANYWAY. Keep this in mind, the ridiculous segment of Pi your neurosponge is able to focus on is a joke. You can't be serious about giving any kind of value judgment. This is entertaining, this is cute, this is a pleasant way to kill time, this is influencing the way the Machine is going to digest your most radical thoughts, but this is definitely not what you want. The new world order is on its way whether you love it or not. And so far its best ally is JavaScript.
All right, I know, I sound even worst than pessimistic, but you already forget what I've been writing few lines upper. There is no value judgment with computers. It's the cybernetic extension of our bodies.

Thursday, August 4, 2006

Shen Shaomin

Check his pose at free the media.

Shen is a Chinese sculptor from Beijing who traveled a lot. He is now really concerned about Transhumanism and the directions that science and technology may takes us.

"Shen Shaomin's creatures are totally unexpected but are not themselves horrible or loathsome. As relics of some future or past disquieting, but it is not them but the intelligence that has the potential to produce them, and the greed or fundamentalist belief that drives it, that is the real scary monster."
Jonathan Thomson

Monday, July 18, 2006

This is really a great world

Yes. This is really a great world.
Modern life brings us so many improvements. Longer (vegetative) life. Much more (useless and short-time living) objects. More (boring) comfort. More (senseless and void) entertainment.

Even your health can be better. There is so many today to help you. We have these physical therapists, who hold the patent for massage and take every other person using the word in jail - but use ony machines and refuse to give anything closely related to " massage ". We have the medical doctor, whose authorities fight for the right to be the only one allowed to use the words " to treat " and " to heal ", and ask any people willing to see some other therapist to first visit them - except that no medical doctor wish to be some kind of receptionist. We have surgery - and please accept any surgery that someone advice you, especially if it's useless and aimed to train new techniques.
Yes, modern life is definitely better than any other life possible on earth. That's definitely why every person feels lonely, boring, useless, desperate and lost.

To reach such state of grace, we had to get rid of some disturbing parts of our history. We thwarted out all these spiritual and religious stuff that wasn't politically correct to us. Yes, we also exiled obscurantism - and we're proud about that ! Out of here, this stupid reverence and that supposed " sacred " stuff. Now, we are much better in this Cartesian life, the everyday valium life, with football ceremonies, sport goddess and a new ruling obscurantism calling itself " science " - resolutely objective and fiercely defending its power.

We had to erase all these uneducated people who claim to heal, while they never received any authorized training, validate by some authority we have chosen. First, the so-called " shamans " of those disgusting traditional societies, without an inch of scientific experience. Those people try to make us believe they skip reality, where they see " images " about what happens to the patient. They clearly are junkies or psychotics having hallucinations - and see, most of them indeed take drugs. Pathetic ! They'd better use our harmless tobacco and alcohol.
We also erased magnetic healers. To help people just with magnets, what were they believing ! Do any MRI ever healed somebody ? They can claim whatever they want and bring all the people they say they " healed ", they have no proof for us. To the trash can.
Well, while we were engaged in that movement, we actually took away any other kind of instinctive healer or anybody who hadn't been trained by our specially approved people. All the 'spiritual healers', the 'energetic healers', 'fire cutter' or any other quackery that modern science didn't shaped in a right, scientific, authorized form, has been cleared. And authorized healers be warned, everyone his job. Don't you touch to a territory that isn't yours. For instance, don't listen to people. When people want to be listened, they have to seek for a psychotherapist.Or they can find friends. Who cares !

A really amazing life.

But strangely enough, all around the world people still engage in traditional mystical groups, people still want to believe in something greater, people still go to their specialist because social welfare repay them, and then secretly visit a magnetic healer or a shaman to get well.

Why do efficient healers have to hide ? Why do we teach boring, barely useful theories in universities, and take to court any instinctive healer that successfully heal dozens of people ? Is that the great sense of justice and progress that modern science is trying to bring ? Is that the great improvement of " education " upon " obscurantism " ? To teach years of things that make you unable to help anybody, but to ensure your avenir by taking any uneducated successful healer to jail ?

Healing is still around, except it's hidden.
Humanity is jerking in our souls to come back in the main place, instead of our escaping addiction to consumption.

It's all there around us and in us, we just have to find how to open the doors again.