Thursday, March 8, 2007

Celebrating International Women's Day

This is dedicated to men having sex with Hong Kong's Chinese women.

Forgive us women for faking orgasms.
Especially for Hong Kong women, we have to fake a lot more often to make you feel more like a man.
The reality is two in three among us are just not getting any orgasms.
Men, when are you going to wake up from animalistic quickie to a true love-making era?

Enough for pounding our vagina brainless like it's the end of the world.
Enough for skill-less fingering.
Enough for milking us like cows.

We are not talking about karma sutra multiple tantric orgasms, just a normal big "OOOOO".
or may be,....
There is no rush, we are not going anywhere.
May we women kindly suggest: Slow down?!? think circular "8" motion, think "g-spot'', think sensitivity, think foreplay, think after play!?
if u have no idea what I'm talking about here, go get educated. not wasting my time here to describe what female orgasms are like.

Guys, the above lines were by no means defamatory to your manhood. They are backed up by academic survey monitored by medical specialists. Please don't call us biased bitchy here, but rather, save your time and think how to make us happier in beds!

According to preliminary results of a local survey, after interviewing more than 500 Hong Kong ethnically Chinese women and found, alarmingly, two in three are not having orgasms during sex while comparing to our overseas counterparts.

The Family Planning Association polled women aged from 21 to 40 and discovered how Chinese in Hong Kong are not having as much fun in the bedroom department as women elsewhere.
  - 46% are some what showing less desire in sex.
  - A slightly more than half do not fantasize sex even during intercourse, may be they are thinking something more important,like, time to feed the cat?
  - Only 45% said they are aroused.
  - more than 65% are not having climax while similar overseas studies only showing about 30 percent

what's wrong with us women?
but the correct question to be asked is rather, what's wrong with you,gentleman?

How are we doing in bedrooms?

  - Nearly 90 percent of the women interviewed said women deserve good sex no matter whether they are planning pregnancies or in a stable relationship of seven years and above.
  - About 62%of them have sex several times a month and 22.5% have sex several times a week.
  - 85% of 500 said they would like to have more sex. (!???!!!! guys, less porno, ok?)
  - Nearly 95% of them are getting foreplay, but, 26.3% said they are not getting enough ''after play''.

However, 79 percent of them are ignoring the problem with only four percent had tried seeking help.
Sexual dysfunction, according to internationally accepted definition, is strictly referring to the lack of interest in sex for three consecutive months in a year.

But our Asian elements tell us, from nature to nurture, women are supposed to be dutiful which includes taking care of the family, obey the men and shut up about our own sexual needs. the moral restriction, cultural myth, lack of knowledge and compromising marriage life styles....
it will have to change girls, be bothered with the fact that you are not coming as often as your men!

Experts said sexual dysfunctions are less associated with physical problems. It could be treated with counseling and therapy such as time management, pelvic relaxing exercise, sensate focus therapy, training vagina muscles...
Most are not seeking help is because they think experiencing difficulties during sex is either not a big deal, not sure where to seek help or too embarrassed to speak about it.

But may I suggest free universal love making education for Hong Kong's men? Asian, Caucasian, Africans, Latinos, all free. unlimited entry until another survey suggesting Hong Kong's women are having more orgasms than their overseas counterparts.
Think about it Donald Tsang (he is the chief executive of Hong Kong SAR), for you always preaching more couples in the territory to pump up more babies - Why don't you create more incentives for people wanting to have more sex first?

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Utyp Picture Search Engine

Utyp is an Open Source search engine for pictures licensed under Artistic License. Its development started in July 2006.

The search services of Utyp are based on outsourcing the visual recognition part to human playing a game (see: Worl Wide War), this idea has been first introduced by Karl Sims in 1991 in the context of evolutionary computation.

Utyp is using the notion of human based computation. But don't worry, behind this barbaric term there lies a robust social organization - after only few months it turned into a carefully designed mechanism with people as its parts. Players are totally aware of what they are contributing to and as they continue playing this means that they find the game fun. The project is still under alpha version but results are already impressively accurate with only 750.000 games played.
Utyp will be the first link in a set of tools that will produce useful content for kickstarting other development which have a fully automated approach to cognition.

Limitations and updates

So far Utyp is only learning English language as its engine is limited with a UTF-8 input. The game is currently being ported in ActionScript 3.0 in order to facilitate collaboration of coders.
Technical and up-to-date information can be found on Sourceforge: here.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Deus Ex Machina

Gary Coleman incarnating an unexpected Deus Ex Machina

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Timewave Resonances

Been fiddling with McKenna's Timewave calculator - a pretty mind blowing tool for alternative history tuning. I wish I could have had it when I was writing Dusk!
I've been few times through the mathematics involved in the coding of this damned fractal waveform (see: King Wen sequence). It's kind of complex, with a lot a transformation and tuning to make it fit reality. As I wasn't sure the guys from did their job right, I verified McKenna's observation about the third Reich's resonance with the Egyptian Empire. It works! GREAT JOB GUYS!
So as I was now sure it was McKenna's model, I decided to I try some other "meaningless" premonitions.

Princess Diana

31 August 1997, Diana was killed in a high speed car accident in Paris along with Dodi Al-Fayed. I was expecting resonance with Marie Antoinette's death. Instead, it went back to Cunigunde of Luxembourg. Significantly, she was also a very active woman, she was the closest political advisor of her husband, she took part in imperial councils and she commanded an imperial army that defeated Polish troops in 1012.
Princess Diana's death backward resonance
If you're not familiar with the novelty theory of McKenna and you still want to understand this graphics, you need to consider the area composed by the red and the black areas as the maximum amount of novelty for the period displayed. The subjectivity of novelty is to be associated to the subjectivity of any paradigm.

Marie Antoinette

I didn't let this poor Marie Antoinette in peace and I decided to see where is the closest resonance with her execution at 12:15.
 Marie Antoinette's execution forward resonance
Uh... It hasn't happen yet!
As you can see when these women died novelty dropped - once again. The novelty measure of McKenna is like the reverse of entropy - as we find more and more stuffs, we consume more and more possibilities/ideas and our scope of research is steadily decreasing over time.

Present Times

McKenna couldn't have made present times observations as he died in 2000. So let's see what's the general resonance of the period from January 2001 to February 2005. Medieval Dusk and Consciousness Shift
This is striking how much it is resonating with the end of the Middle ages and the beginning of Renaissance - if you switch from a terrestrial to a mental paradigm you can see how close we are from a radical shift in consciousness which has embodied with the discovery of the New World.
Well, I'll stop this for a while, but as soon as I'll have more time, I might come back to this fascinating tool in order to cover more genuine time-scales.
But now that you have the link you can try it yourself, reproduce my observations, and thou shall come with original analyses.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Dhyana Video

We are proudly using g()()gle's halflife video facilities as the masochist Propaganda Apparatus it has become.
See this video below:
synchronistic Dhyana in the western society
Dhyana, music by Danger Mouse and Jemini

Please ENJOY and RATE it good. THANKS!
BIG acknowledgement to the synchronistic approach of Helloim from Nova Planet's Forum.
Believe it or not but soundtrack has been added after video editing!?!
"Eh eh!"
Helloim, Sep 2006, 2012 rantings

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Cultes des Goules III
Big cock white teeth cuckolds

Dan Savage likes to prophesy it - there is a growing legion of men interested in witnessing the pounding of their girlfriend's intimacy - the CUCKOLD ESTABLISHMENT.
It ain't new at all, but how come is it depicted as if it was? Is there anything with evil roman crab people trying to fool us on the backstage or is it because it's really starting to grow like one of those fashion trends that come from the core of mankind's nexus?
After cruising on the boards of forums like Newbienudes or AdultFriendFinder, I'd say it's a subtle mix of both. The proto-cuckold has been initiated by the dogging buzz few years ago and eventually it's fully sustainable - fueling itself with fresh adherent from XYZ generations, slowly infiltrating every layers of western societies - so fast and so deep that only Baby Losers seem intact. But how long are they going to stay cuckold-proof?
Cuckoldry doesn't correspond with reality but expresses the aims of its creator. From the mind of any average-suburb-middle-class-wanabe-rich-but-still-smitten-with-remorse-who-wants-to-ponder-his-girlfriend's-pussy-well-and-truly-torn-by-any-black-mamba-as-long-as-it's-black-or-big-enough-to-be-black, this imagined situation is a weird-enough-not-to-be-seriously-studied-fantasy with origins in the seriousness of white men's taboos.

Warning - best before Dec 2012

Yes, the size of their dick and also the whiteness of their teeth!
Clean teeth are obviously interesting for both health and seducing chicks, but it's a subtler story for size. Bulls with humongous cocks are villains, super predatosaurs fooled by the promise of biological subsistence. They behave like last acting heroes; they are the long hairy rangers of a large sex battlefield that never stop. Orchestrated by the cuckold, the performing bull has no over option than full obedience to the ceremony that feeds him. The girth ramming the uterus has importance only in the context of the fantasy. The offered female has to conclude the play by giving herself up in the complexity of the exchanges in-between the three. By opening her guts to this insult, she could have no limit to her performance; as long as she is thoroughly bred, she could have hundreds of those erotized fiends. The breeding is the most important part for the cuckold, it's a material proof of the cumlust his wife has just been experiencing. He will inspect it carefully and in some cases he might even clean it on his own.
And that's precisely where the most informative deviation lies.
WHITEY is blinded, dazzled by the BLING-BLING and that's why it's easy to read his fears; the open diary of the seven dwarfs.
By pointing at the feature he is never satisfied with, Whitey is simply telling you he is profoundly SCARED of BLACKY. He doesn't know how to handle his fear - whether he should overcome it and get bigger whiter ones to look like his bogeyman or just surrender and offer his miss to the big black fiend.
The second option could be associated to a popular insult from the Song dynasty - he is forgetting the eight virtues he needs in order to survive the perils of the Great Abyss - Filial Piety - Brotherhood - Loyalty - Trust - Etiquette - Righteousness - Integrity and Shamefulness.

madonna and child

As I said above this idea isn't new, but the penetration of its associated ritual is just too overwhelming to be a simple, dissociated curiosity. Again, it appears more like the slow evolution of the global forced feminization of western culture. The materialization of a sissification pattern we are globally experiencing culturally, socially, and economically.

Cuckoldries recommendation

If you want to know the origin of this westernized process I insist you read this brilliant and underestimated classic:

And if you tired of reading just watch movies:


But wait a minute... So what, white people scared of black people... everybody knows it since the dawn of time. Why even wasting time bothering about another scarecrow?
These are ordinary tragedies, polluting our lives and spamming our mailboxes. They are annoying enough not to further investigate. We all need to cope with that, blacks and whites!
White pussy is scared of black men, thinking Negros hate him, but they don't - maybe they should. On the other hand, the Negro loves white men, thinking they appreciate him in return. But absurdly they don't, they are just scared and jealous of something, something able to hit their deepest fears.
Is there nothing thrilling here? Really? I don't think so.
Otherwise why these complex situation read like the wildest flights of a porno fiction writer? Why do stories of chocolate orgies and sniffing-parties followed by massive zombie gunfights seem like shocking journalism of the yellowest variety?
Because like my grandfather liked to repeat; contractors where giving him cocaine to get more work out of him. He was even going as far as explaining the origin of the First World War as something deep-rooted in the history of cocaine penalization.
This was the zombie stanza, the unit of a larger cult of the living dead.

BEWARE, the nightmare of degradation and sin has no cultural barrier; this white silicon dust from hell has virtually no border; leading everybody to submissive CRIME, saddling us with mental SUICIDE, it is methodically inspiriting MECHANICAL PROSTITUTION!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Happy 2007

Happy New Year