Friday, March 30, 2007

Artificial Conspiracy IV

The Mark's scams

This could also be called the monotheism apocalyptical scam. It represents the finest piece of Conspiracy Art.
Why? Because it virtually can take any shape it needs. Basically Christians and Jews are trained to become shape shifters. During the last 4000 years, it has been complementing imperialistic power like the Roman Empire in a really complex way.
Their faith can swallow everything as it has embraced the idea that humans brains are sponges anyway and that there is no escape to their condition. By pushing every paradoxical idea into the corner they always come up with new open framework for future generations to work with.
One of their most famous tricks is the Mark of the Beast. It is a long term plan for creating some omnipotent technology that will be able to trace everybody. They are of course giving warning about this evil aberration. Good followers should resist it at any cost. But there is an underlying message. Good followers may also work for this to come true at any cost, even their life should be sacrificed; like in a big Open Source project where workers pass on their knowledge and aim through generations - It's a brute force approach to prophecy: "I may be wrong now but my descendants will prove me right! The Mark will be!"

Monotheist exotericism is the most advanced scam-mill ever built. Every conspiracy outsources some of its tricks - sometimes hiding it or even without knowing they do so. Striking examples can easily be found in every late form of isms. See the Communist trinity: Marx - Lenin - Stalin.


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Thursday, March 29, 2007

How to get out of the Great Firewall II

Torpark is released!

That's a slicky piece of Open Source code. As its success has been its undoing, they now propose sweet bandwidth with a 1500 Kbps dedicated VPN for $30US per month.
It's free, download it now and torrify yourself.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Artificial Conspiracy III

The Psycho scams

This redoubtable theory has been thoroughly elaborated at the end of the 19th century by black belt crooks like Reich, Freud and Jung. Those guys with all my respect have been really opening the biggest and most vivid doors of the mind. They were pioneer in what we now call mass culture. By undermining the notion of time and money, they ended with this astonishing blast of the roman heritage that was the First World War, thus turning all heads toward Asian mysticisms. The entire edifice got back on his feet by resurrecting old Mediterranean demons from former Egyptian craziness with the ominous Second World War and the holocaust.

The psychoanalysis scam his rooted in the fear of the Ubermensch described by Nietzsche. It is a boundary of the mind that allowed westerners to fall for the sectarian idolatries and mass brainwashing of the 20th century. Its structure is pyramidal and its spreading mechanism relies on converting more people that will in return convert other fools. Scientologies, fraternities and mass entertainment businesses are the metastases of this scam - they have the same basic need and function. Just notice that movie directors and politicians can't really push further without "working on themselves".
In the eyes of the 20th century Psychoanalysis appears like a clumsy patch made up to resist the forthcoming Transhumanism.


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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Kiss my fat panda arse

This Sunday is Hong Kong's Chief Executive election's day. It is a sad joke among a world of well developed jurisdictions.

This sickening election may not be significant enough to make international headline. Being a part of the local media I resent of how real sentiment is being trivialized in the election coverage.

Editors in newsrooms are a bunch of sluts deprived of real democracy to treat a fake election like real. We pretend it is a competitive election because we have no choice. News has to go on and there are two candidates. If you don't run the story, others would. Universities are also very busy polling the public about which candidate they think would have a chance to win. Would it be the current chief executive Donald Tsang pre-approved by the Central Government in China or a Civic Party lawmaker and barrister Alan Leong....hmmm...I wander.

The result of the election is predetermined and it makes me sick.

Alan Leong, without China's blessing, participated in the fake election knowing that he would certainly lose. Watching him running for the top post with Donald Tsang is more brutal than watching a girl guide holding a jar of cookie crumbs fighting Godzilla, in a small cage.

Leong goes along the ride and became a political star. His participation in the fake election rubs in the pressure for Tsang to face the lack of universal suffrage in his next term of five years.

Hypnotizing the younger generation to love mother China

While Beijing has yet to grant universal suffrage to Hong Kong, the civil education is heavily hypnotizing the younger generation to love mother China. But people, in what the HK government always like to label itself as" Asia's World Class City", still do not have a say in a society they live in. Their best interests, such as improving the worsening air quality, smaller class sizes in schools, better social services for elderly, children and domestic violence victims, minimum wage for the underpaid workers.....are not being reflected in government policies.

Their interests are "tied in" to an 800-member strong Election Committee comprising members of the Legislative and Executive Council. Plus other important figures "representing'' the rest of the 7 million population in Hong Kong. Those important figures, mostly, are the territory's richest and most powerful people. Who will give a damn that a lot of old people in Hong Kong are picking up paper boxes to make a living because they are not entitled social security payment? Nor would they give a shit about domestically abused women not having enough shelters to live just to avoid violent husbands? Not to mention other controversial policies such as minimum wage to protect the underpaid or improving the air quality because they can afford to move somewhere else after earning enough here in Hong Kong when the air became unbreathable.

2007 is the tenth anniversary of Hong Kong's handover to China. God knows how many millions would be again spent just on fireworks? Fireworks that would only last for a few seconds above the shrinking Victoria Harbour due to land reclamation, is it what Hong Kong people need?

Chief Secretary for Administration Rafael Hui Si-yan went all the way to Sichuan last month licking baby panda arses. He made sure everyone knows he is super grateful to China to give Hong Kong another two lovely pandas (he wants another two because the existing ones in the Ocean Park are dying of old age) . Hui's high profile visit to China overshadowed Hong Kong people's real sentiment. This is the tenth anniversary, do we want another two pandas that Taiwanese turned down last year, or we want universal suffrage to achieve real democracy? This is something we need to think about while celebrating the tenth anniversary after getting rid of the British.

This Sunday's election is something we should be ashamed of. It's a waste of public resources. Why bother to go through the bureaucracy when we already know who is going to win? This is not exciting. Why are we pretending the election would give us a surprising result? Who are we trying to fool here?

Let Godzilla and the Girl Guide out of the small circle election because Hong Kong people want universal suffrage. We want a government that would listen to people's best interests, but not the richest who have the privilege to vote.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


A must listen for HUMINT trackers, geospatial intelligences, chemical and biological agents, Open Source technicians, atmospheric sniffers, radar operators and cryptanalysts, financial anarchists, nuclear garbagemen, honeypot detectors, false propaganda broadcasters and media moles, microwave espions, block doctors, religion security consultants and YiKing spymasters.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Artificial Conspiracy II

The 419 Scams

The oldest - †he roots from mother Africa; they are the easiest scam to spot. The basics of the con are to play with the fear of the dark. The fear coming out of the constant opprobrium in which human societies are living in.
So how does this work? The conman is edging to you thanks to one of your trusted friends. How? Well, your friend has been fooled already. He has been humiliated in his deepest self-esteem. He has been the looser, the mugu, the black guy is the winner. So your corrupted friend is desperately looking for references and of course, as he has been begging you few months before for cash to finance his own fall, he is now coming back to make you a fool too. Friendship can go on - at least in HIS referential.
That's what the trick is based on, imitation. Your friend will tell you to keep the whole story secret and introduce the scam by playing with your innate greed.
Then the following keywords should definitely be considered as tilt signs: RED MERCURY, black money, pilot friend, money laundry, TRUST and red mercury. If it's not enough you need to make sure you know why is this whole story secret? Or why are those guys asking you money? If they are so sure about their little affair, why aren't they going for a quick loan? They would surely make more profit out of this...
Well anyway if you already reached this part you might have been fooled already. The best way not to fall into this financial suicide ravaging your emails, the web and as an extension the western economy, is to make sure you have no “friends„. That sounds pretty harsh but come on... you know what I'm sayin.


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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Artificial Conspiracy


There is something big at stack in this inaccessible area of the Internet. We are eventually clashing with the remotest part of the patriarchal intelligence - we call this the Artificial Conspiracy Scam.

What's an Artificial Conspiracy? Aren't all conspiracy manufactured, aren't they all artifacts, prosthesis for our one-legged consciousness? Is this another pleonasm to dilute truth?

¥es, it is indeed a truism to emphasize the artificial aspect of Conspiracy. This has to be opposed to natural conspiracies that can't be analyzed, thus that can't be exploited.
The scam aspect is in the sense of a deception made for personal gain - it is a CRIME! Defrauding people of money and self-esteem are presumably the most common type of scam, but there have also been a never ending amount of fraudulent concepts in politics, art, archaeology, science...
All right but aren't we all gullible enough to fall in one or the other of those myths thus perpetuating the tradition by fueling them with our precious credibility? Human, all too credulous.
Speaking about conspiracy, is this reading proposing some kind of solution or antidote in order to avoid falling into such cons? Or is this another attempt to fool you? Another true truth?
No, it's not, this article just intends to refocus everything that has been said here, especially about the quest for harmony mentioned in the footnote - it is a clinical exploration of aestheticism emergence through History.
And well, damn you if you can't take the love in it.
Grim and uptight people may dance naked on the lawn playing a flute.

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