Monday, April 23, 2007

Artificial Conspiracy VI

The Transhumanist scams

irst introduced in its technical form by Nikola Tesla, this alien virus was in the beginning of the 20th century a little too much ahead of its time.
Its followers want to use new sciences and technologies to enhance human mental and physical aptitudes, in order to ameliorate what is regarded as undesirable and unnecessary aspects of our condition - disease - suffering - ageing - involuntary death.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is...

Transhumanism roots come from our innate paradoxical tendency to Hedonism and preservation. They appear like a subtle mix of Dionysian and Mark influences because Transhumanism IS their child.
This conspiracy artifact is a weapon in the hands of the conspirators mentioned before. They are intrinsically working together to achieve a common goal.
This scam is growing like weed within scholars and aging baby boomers. They see in it a way out of the Eschaton. Without understanding that the vital ground on which relies their research is the Eschaton - whether they are working on their own fall or the one of the community, they make Transhumanism a freewheeling machine which as yet to reveal the true face of the Antichrist - time machine - grey goo - existential singularity - entropy death - all the tipping and omega points embodying in the year 2012?


Friday, April 13, 2007

Artificial Conspiracy V

The Dionysian scams

y wrapping itself in mystery, it is protecting itself from the inquisitive eye of pragmatic minds. This is of course the most seductive scam from the list.
Andy Warhol described it in details by stating that if you want to know all about it, just look at the surface of paintings and films and himself, and there it is. There's nothing behind it.
The Dionysian Scam is about making everything too obvious for people to understand they're getting fooled. By thoroughly forgetting that the oldest pieces of our history are Dionysian traces we are just sawing the branch on which our consciousness is standing. Every other scam has been pawning verisimilitude to it. Its tracks are eternal. Therefore they will constantly purchase credibility back for the amount of their credit plus some agreed upon fee...
Making money is Dionysian and working is Dionysian and good business is the best Dionysian ritual.


Saturday, April 7, 2007

Internet radio, radio for friendless people ?

very day, I'm getting more and more amazed by the quantity of blogs and Myspaces spreading all around the Internet.

Hi-speed Internet connexion brought multimedia constant multi-streaming to our homes.
The transformation started earlier in Asian countries where really young people are living on the net for about 15 years now. Japan, HK and Seoul are the primitive nests.
Now Europe follows.
ISP are not only providing internet, but in most of the cases a whole multimedia-world-wide-communication-kit including IP phone, Digital TV, Internet TV, and ISP own shopping networks access. All this for a competitive price.
Signing such a contract makes us - we citizen - fell really modern. We're, for sure we will finally understand what the hyp'crappy press is talking about. myspaces ? blog ? forum ? streaming ? adware, netware, shitware ??!!
Once the contract - full of small letters - is agreed and signed, we're part of the process. Which I call :

"Internet fashion-fanatization process".

You'll probably know what I'm talking about. Whatever is your country, there is that magazine edited somewhere near you, venerating entire web pages, flash animations and "true-life blogs". Isn't that right ? We also all read the financial press masturbating with acquisitions of thousand billions $ companies by powerful groups and consorts.
Internet live, sure it really lives. A quick Google search could tell us the busyness figures generated by internet and related services in last 2006...
But do we really have suddenly so much to say ? So much need to express, to communicate one to each other ?
I'll take the example of this friend of mine, which is not really a friend but somehow life made me cross her few times.
She was getting old, with no boyfriend, no job, no real life, she doesn't really know what to expect from life. And she keeps on writing vacuum grouped mails to all the "f®iends„ she met up with. She keeps on sending links for hers pictures album, recounting her and people on holidays and so on.
The only motivation I have to read her stuff is the pity I feel for her. She is really communicative, but she has nothing to say.
She is an extreme example.
But do we all have really much more to say ?

Same has this girl shows she feels bad, do we want to show we're feeling good and so creative, so intellectual, so new? So fashion-fanatic about sequences of fucking bits and network packets?
It really looks like.
The problem is we have nothing to say to each other. I just have the media, not the material to fill it, no content.
Indeed, publishing on internet has just become a social behaviour.
Like saying to the other, it's me, and I'm also there on the internet. I'm part of it. It won't grow further without. I have two lives. Do you have too ?
The same mechanisms push us to stay informed about what's going on the web. New pages, creations, crazy videos etc...
Not knowing it will make us not part of it. We don't want that. We need to consume all the information Internet has made available to our modern lives. We want to be Internet !

The society is virtualizing life. Making us think we can live far away from our primal necessities, primal wealth.

The spine of this virtualisation is not internet, but information. Nexus information...

I coming back from a Jazz festival, with freshly recorded brilliant jam sessions, I wondered "Internet radio is cool, has not to be so hard to set one up, I could broadcast my records..."
And so that's what I did. Create a low speed radio - to feed my sentimental emptiness, and maybe have success with it, who knows ?
This radio has nothing to say. You'll like it. Let's share emptiness and be friends...
We're a community.

PHPcast here:

Wednesday, April 5, 2007


ust saw this fantastic comic adaptation and I wanted to understand why some people told me to avoid it.

This moral universe would have appeared as bizarre to ancient Greeks as it does to modern historians. Most Greeks would have traded their homes in Athens for hovels in Sparta about as willingly as I would trade my apartment in Toronto for a condo in Pyongyang.
Toronto Star, Mar 11, 2007 04:30 AM

It's as obvious as the shirts not on their backs. A work with an obviously fascist aesthetic, it falls under the broad umbrella Susan Sontag used to encompass "fascist art," in that it reaches for a superficial human ideal (uncomplicated, orders-following, buffed, beautiful, nearly-nude fighting men) and celebrates death (theirs).
Orlando Sentinel, Mar 7, 2007 7:48:44 AM

"300" is about as violent as "Apocalypto" and twice as stupid.
The New York Times, March 9, 2007

By psychological war, propaganda and misuse of the organizations they have themselves created, and for which they have written the rules, and over which they have the monopoly, they are trying to prevent our nation's development...
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, March 21, 2007

Indeed the available reviews are pretty passionate. It even turned to a political debate of international scope.
But a media speculation about drawing parallels between the Greco-Persian conflicts in southern Greece and current events is just pure fallacy. No matter how historically accurate the movie is - and it's not intend to be - the Greco-Persian Wars have nothing to do with our actual political scene. If there was such parallel to draw, you'd have to see the American empire as the Persian Empire. Without even talking about the incontestable numeric superiority of their war machinery, they are the one using greed to negotiate alliances. Do you really believe the wealthy Osama has been paying the UN to get those veto? And come on, but who is invading who here?
Some critics depict the movie as right wing, neocon, fascist, n@zi and straightforward American propaganda for the NAC. Well, this debate is a joke... Guys please, could you just turn your brains on and familiarize yourself with Godwins' law before rushing to journalistic careers. Or is it just what we had to expect from such outstanding movie? The outstanding has always been pissing off dull crowds. This ain't news.
If these so-called media were erudite and had this little bit of historical knowledge from our recent history, they'd see that there is an evident parallel :
the War of Attrition.

Wednesday, April 5, 2007


Monday, April 2, 2007

Bigger than you thought, much bigger!

Got quite puzzled to see how 911 was such a striking event within the Timewave I've been using on this article. I didn't really carry on as I didn't find any relevant resonance in the past. But this whole analysis gave me some clue about an experiment I'm monitoring for few years now - The Global Consciousness Project -
I was first really septic about their result and methodology. But this might have been the result of the frustration I felt when they answered me that they didn't accept my help for hosting one EGG in my own server... I thought they were snubbing me by answering they had not enough time and structure to handle new comers... Well, now I know it was just true, they reopen the application and one can download their software on their website to give it a try.
So as I was saying, I reconsidered their approach recently by updating myself on Peak Oil, 2012, H@ARP and this whole 911 issues... this came out as I was planning to write a scenario about how crazy it would turn if a team of conspirators, let's say moudjahidine one, were planning such a piece of perfect demolition. My idea advisor is a civil engineer who is quite familiar with building towers in Asia. He doesn't know much about controlled demolition but he was willing to find out. And it should be noted that this guy never saw any movie, documentary or what so ever kind of mass brainwashing stuff you can easily find on the web.

Something Big happen that day!

As physicist Dick Bierman of the University of Amsterdam said "Very often paranormal phenomena evaporate if you study them for long enough. But this is not happening with the Global Consciousness Project". That's exactly what happen to my conception of their approach. I'm not gonna dive in the humongous details of the network structure of their system; I'll spare this finger licking piece of nurdery to go right to the point. The Eggs are all connected together thanks to the Internet. And in September 10 2001, the twins were not only a Babylonian symbol for mankind but it was also a Node. They were the most interconnected piece of network on the Net. Anybody familiar with cognitive sciences should know that Nodes are "bad". They suck as they are overspecialized and make systems not capable of further adaptation. If you're not a cognition expert just think of how it sucks to get stuck for 5 hours in Doha airport... That's one reason why the twins where a geographical burden for the global network. Another reason is the obvious weakness of any centralized system. It's too easy to spot. It was the Achilles heel. It has to be pulled down at any cost.
But wait a minute, what I am assuming here to draw such lines? I'm just assuming what the the Global Consciousness Project has realized. Their Eggs sensed the whole tragedy before it happened; there was a characteristic shift in the pattern of numbers four hours before the two planes even hit the Twin Towers.

Well if you think about it twice, this is actually less chocking than McKenna's fractal of divination which has been modeled way before this mind blowing events happened (he died in 2000) and which was clearly pointing this out way before the big bang even started to be an idea in the womb of the M-theory!
Are we immersed in an interconnected mesh of consciousness? And is this mesh much bigger and much more predetermined than what we want to realize? Guess what; if you really want to make your own idea, there is even a white paper about this!
The Pope should be happy...

Saturday, March 31, 2007


Just discovered Bob had a beelog... It's talking about random stuffs he had in mind while he was hospitalized, kind of frustrating. What made him start this whole thing will stay secret. Unless he cryogenized himself?