Thursday, September 8, 2005

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N'oublie pas de voter Le Pen Gilem ... Toi aussi Etienne. JE compte sur vous les gars! Heureusement que je suis la pour vous le rapeler ... (Je suis sur que le nom Le Pen est meme pas interdit sur ce site, alors que f(cc)#ket gilem©n ca l'est!)


Maybe because people like to get ripped off. Look at Hitler, he was a super prominent masochist figure, he wanted to loose the war and the people supported him. Also, Art as a lot to do with this, nobody consider free art. Even so most of the famous pieces virtually cost nothing to do, it has to be expensive if you want the mass to start considering it. I'm not sure but this artificial conspiracy notion is starting to make sense to me. But still, it's so "wrapped in mystery"...




I like that: "Making money is Dionysian and working is Dionysian and good business is the best Dionysian ritual. "

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