Thursday, September 8, 2005

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not me dude, kudos to you!


"The softness of time" ? Well, what makes us so sure ? What tells us this is not the same story of a sphere being watched through a 2-dimensional plane ? We think in a linear, definite, final process. Who says world and reality ARE that way ?


Well...this is...kind of preoccupying. It took 50 years for people to understand the softness of time, now it looks like it’s melting...


Ohhhh! amazing! check this out man:


yes it's Silcon (the body), and one part of the brain is Yangsky, BUT DON'T GO ON THEIR WEBSITE UNLESS USING TORPARK WITH FULL PARANOIA MODE!!!! I warned you folks!
Jeanguiste, I partially briefed Antoine about this but before going there... He just know about Yangsky, and I'm burning out (so he is)... and I'm quite scared too man, no jocking :(


This is freaking me out man! Did you inform Antoine about that?


Are you talking about Silcon???


Not really sure if I should release this publicly or what but I wrote somewhere that crepuscule is about high-end trends within the blogosphere (meaning global brain), how to interact with G()()gle and Shinaland censorship, and how content is going to evolve to fit new media pipelines. So I'll stick to this and try not to be too elusive.
The whole writing of Dusk drove me to this very dangerous limit of narration which is uchrony. Every writer who has been trying his hand on it has felt this strange feeling of wondering whether he was really into purely entertaining fiction or into some kind of vertiginous precognition of the real world. I had this terrible feeling with the 3 consecutives events. First I had this really powerful headache that forced me to kneel down wondering what was going on in this crazy world at the same exact time of the Tsunami and that definitely convinced me to finish the book at any cost. While rushing to finish the book I had an intensive interaction with this infamous and raising search engine which has now taken almost every bit of mankind's information. I first felt really lonely but my growing web exposition put me in contact with a bunch of people sharing the same concerns. They was really something going on that summer 2005, we all not it now. The final oddity was this Katrina issue that happened at the same time I was visiting both Al Jazeera and Qatar's oil extraction facilities. I had a really strange presentiment that this was all part of some kind of big scale plot which is going to look obvious to us when won't be able to even think of doing something against it. Well enough to say that my rampant paranoia led me to consider the meaning of dischrony. As uchrony is a breed of both utopia and chronology, a dyschrony would be the result of a chronological dystopia. Loyal readers and collaborators may have already understood those points but it may be good to precise them again to understand what will follow.
So after writing the previous article about the global consciousness project, I was clearly starting to see thing with a radically different eye. TIME IS REALLY something much more abnormal than what we have been taught. And with that in mind I came back to my daily activities. On my list of things to do: buy some robotic toys, find some cheap and funky Tesla coils and provide some AS3.0 consulting to a Chinese company involved in wealthy applications of cognitive sciences. Since 2005 all my journeys in Shinaland made me realize a lot of crazy shytes that turned to be covered by underground media almost at the same time. To put some name on this - MMORPGs gold farming, organ harvesting, and the Chinese economy bubble. So I hope I'll have the same backup on this story but maybe not as issues regarding the brain are always harder to apprehend. . . Anyway here we go.
What this company is doing was way, way further than my expectations as a dischrony writer. Before introduced them to me, my friend warned me that this was something massive his company was already using to predict Chinese currency fluctuations. But he never went there, in the dirty grease, to see how it looks like behind the curtain. What I saw there is not from our world. I mean I thought this wasn't possible but THEY did it. Rows and rows of people in front of computers, interacting with graphic interfaces, were bustling about making this brain factory to look like in a novel of Phillip K. Dick in the Spartan way. This last precision is very important. Anybody who doesn't know anything about computers or work psychology would just have felt in front of the staff of a simple but massive telemarketing company. Except that those people doesn't look like operators at all. They appeared to me more like the evil mix of a casino crowd and a gold farming legion. These men and women were totally zombified, ghosted¡K I was chocked!
I instantly wanted to film this surreal atmosphere with my useless camera which is always missing on that kind of occasion. This time I just had it to hand, but my escort looked at me insistently with this bad Asian eyes. Frustrated I proceeded to one of their terminal.
Globally those people are all used to train some software developed by a third party company specialized in cognitive coding. When the software is released, it's totally dumb and can't be used for anything, but after being trained in a variety of real case scenarios going from visual recognition, pattern analysis to event anticipation, they just work freakily great. They did an instant demo of how their soft can recognize my face even so I'm masking 70% with my hands. Their main client is the Chinese government and they already use everything for large population monitoring, web censorship, weather control for pollution fighting, and especially for large scale modeling of the Chinese economy¡K And maybe much more they didn't want to tell me about. Of course I told them how impressed I was, but I had to ask them if they really knew what they were doing here. No one understood my question¡K I mean, they had the decency to pretend they didn't understand my question.
When I came back to HK I watched Apocalypto, but this is another story¡K is it?
I'm supposed to go back there to form their design staff to switch from C++ interfacing to Flash which is much more adapted to the fast pace of their needy production pipeline. But I'm not really sure I'll ever go back in this large scale delirium. Maybe not even in fiction.
All right, let's say this is all and only a professional bias.


Tell us man, tell us, this is so exiting!!!!


Just come back from Silcon, got some amazing things to share with you...
I also need to get in touch with ETIENNSTEINNGOF...THIS DUDE Is never around when you really need him...d'OH! ETIENNSTEINNGOF?!?!?


The belief that dogs can predict major disasters has been around for centuries :)


Have you ever considered what you’re saying could be true, much more than you think? Don’t you think if something is big enough to make 911 up, to change the basic laws of physics you’ve been taught with at secondary school, could they possibly infiltrate the very foundation of our science? This would be a providential of a cover, right? You may have a look at chemtrails and the origin of anthrax - what They are and what you don’t know about them will change your mind. And that’s what it is all about.

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