Thursday, September 8, 2005

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Unholy Army of Catholic School Girls

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"f(cc)#kFrance for Freedom" Christian Crusade for the Salvation of Postmodernists in America Tour "In the works of Smith, a predominant concept is the concept of postcultural reality. The premise of capitalism holds that art has significance. Thus, Derrida uses the term 'modern theory' to denote the bridge between class and consciousness. The primary theme of de Selby's model of subcapitalist desituationism is a deconstructive paradox. The subject is contextualised into a capitalism that includes reality as a whole. However, an abundance of discourses concerning postdialectic structuralist theory may be found. The subject is interpolated into a capitalism that includes culture as a reality. It could be said that Lyotard suggests the use of the neoconstructive paradigm of discourse to read and attack class. Several dematerialisms concerning the difference between society and class exist. Therefore, Hamburger states that we have to choose between modern theory and semanticist objectivism. The subject is contextualised into a postcapitalist dialectic theory that includes sexuality as a totality. However, if subcapitalist desituationism holds, the works of Smith are an example of self-supporting nationalism. The subject is interpolated into a prestructural theory that includes narrativity as a whole. Thus, the characteristic theme of the works of Smith is the futility, and subsequent absurdity, of cultural art. Why the rioting black Muslim youth of France, your very children my good people, don't understand this simple point is beyond me. The weakest minds in France have given your children a philosophy greater than anything Allah could imagine on the inhalation end of a hookah pipe. Just imagine for a moment what France's truly great minds could do for your children, if you would just make them listen." - Jacques René Chirac, President of the French Republic, speaking before his domestic staff of North African immigrants at the Presidential Palace. --- Dixie Beer...done? Dear God! Please say it ain't so!
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I've been asked by many people known unto me, as well as by several new sinners who've recently discovered the glorious potential of the resurrection of art life that is to be found in the mystery of the Black Cat Bone, to provide links to some of my previously published writings that digitally reside in the bloodstream of the Devil flowing through evil computer servers scattered across the land that work their something wicked comes this way black magic.

I'm highly selective about where I post my literary creations and am pleased to provide the following links:

Enjoy! I'll be back after Thanksgiving.

Alexandra Silverthorne - "Mary T. Smith" Alexandra Silverthorne - "Roy Ferdinand" Art for a Change – “CODE RED ALERT: The U.S. State Department Officially Approves Artist Ed Ruscha for International Exhibition at the Venice Biennale” Mississippi Political News Watch – “A Mississippi Rebel Artist in the Army of Northern Virginia” Washington Examiner – “What Newsweek and Art Have in Common” Washington D C Art News - "For Those Too Young to Die (Yet Too Old to Tag), We Salute You!" Washington D C Art News - "All Ya’ll Yankees Are Warmly Invited to Come on Down South Anytime and See Ya’ Kin and ‘Kindred Spirits’!" Washington D C Art News - "A Human Lesson Learned Some from Silent Studies in Organic Minimalism" Washington D C Art News - “Photographs that Lie and the Liars Who Lie About Photographs” Washington D C Art News - “The Postmodern Art Joke of Suffering” Washington D C Art News - “Bailey on Gopnik’s Corcoran Idea (And Levy’s Response) Washington D C Art News - “"How About an Art Exhibit Inspired by an Art Critic Who’s Dragged Behind a Pickup Truck in Texas?"” Washington D C Art News - “The Deconstructed Portrait of a Postmodern Art History Teacher” Washington D C Art News - “Guns and Hypocrisy in the World of Modern Art Blogging – An Old Testament Point of View... with a Little Bit of Humor.” Washington D C Art News - “2004 – The Year a Small Army of Mississippi Rebel(lious) Artists Invaded Washington, D.C.” Washington D C Art News - “James W. Bailey’s Top List of Angels and Devils Working the Mystery of God in Art-O-Matic 2004 – A Mississippi-style Juke Joint of Art” Washington D C Art News - “And the Artomatic firestorm gathers more words!” Washington D C Art News - “Anterograde Amnesia” Washington D C Art News - “Van Gogh's great grandson murdered in Amsterdam” Washington D C Art News - “Should Art Curators Enjoy the Same Basic Rights of Freedom of Artistic Expression that Artists Enjoy?” Washington D C Art News - “The WPA/Corcoran firing of OPTIONS 2005 curator, Philip Barlow.” World Net Daily - “The con of the Quran hypocrisy” Plus numerous funny, angry, silly, serious, passionate and down right mind blowing essays, rants, opinions and clever literary gems on Thinking About Art . Click on each month under Archives, then scroll through the topics, then click on each topic’s comments section. You’re likely to find some fire bomb I’ve thrown into the discussion. And here are a few of my favorites: Thinking About Art - “TRANSCRIPT OF INTERVIEW WITH KEHINDE WILEY” Thinking About Art - “OPEN LETTER FROM JAMES W. BAILEY CONCERNING DAVID LEVY’S RESIGNATION FROM THE CORCORAN GALLERY OF ART” Thinking About Art - “Tyler Green and Psychovisual Art Therapy” Thinking About Art - “The American Artist Protection Act – An Act to Protect American Artists Against Postmodern Art Theorists” Thinking About Art - “The Invasion of the Art Body Snatchers” Thinking About Art - “This Little Piggy Went to the World Bank” Thinking About Art - “Who’s Ya Daddy, Who’s Ya Mommy, What the Hell is Post-Modern Photography?” Thinking About Art - “I Put a Cap in Chris Burden’s Ass at an Art Exhibit – What Did You Do Today?” Thinking About Art - “The Society of the Spectacle for Those Who Wear Corrective Art Lenses” Thinking About Art - “THE CENTER FOR DEMENTED CRITICS (CDC): A PUBLIC HEALTH WARNING TO EMERGING ARTISTS – IDENTIFICATION OF HAZARDOUS ART INSECT” Thinking About Art - “The Quality of Contemporary Art in the Modern Art Museum – The Emperor and Britney Spears Have No Clothes!” posted by James W. Bailey at 9:30 PM    About Me My Photo Name:James W. Bailey James W. Bailey is an experimental artist, photographer and imagist writer from Mississippi. His art focus includes Littoral Art Projects that explore the fleeting moments of cross-cultural communicative intersections; film projects, including the short film, "Talking Smack"; “Wind Painting”, a unique naturalistic art practice inspired by the vanishing Southern African-American cultural tradition of the Bottle Tree; street photography centered on the hidden cultural edges of inner city New Orleans life; and “Rough Edge Photography”, a hard-edge non-digital photographic style that celebrates the death of 35mm film through the burning, tearing, slashing and violent manipulation of chemically developed negatives and prints. View my complete profile Get Your Hook Up With The BCB Global Media Empire News Feeder. The Lord Will Bless You For Your Subscription - And We'll Throw In A Prayer Cloth To Boot! Subscribe with Bloglines HURRICANE KATRINA - WHERE TO DONATE
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