Thursday, September 8, 2005

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This piece of thought actually just flashed back to me when started to read what you are writing: I remembered interviewing Shen Shaoming in a Sydney's art show. I was asking him what bones he was using and how did he find so much time to create such a huge collection of art works. Tracing back to about three and a half years ago to my vague memory without the help of my notebook, Shen said he and his assitance(s) went to collect rabbit or other's animals' bones (from possible animal slaughterhouses,i can't be sure on this point.) to create art works of different sizes. Because of the real bones he was using, one of his biggest piece of exhibition not only had to be taken apart by pieces for frieght but had to be subjected to strignent Australian custom lab examination. apparantly they have a high standard regarding importation of live animals or residual parts of dead animals,even bones. that's what i want to say regarding Shen Shaoming. The energy seeping through his eyes remains vivid in my head.


I know this Shen, I met him in 2002 in Hannover. Very intersting character and a nice mob there. You know he's digging german chicks ;)


C'est triste un blog qui meurt ... surtout quand on l'a connu plein de vie, debordant d'energie ... la vie est injuste.


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