Thursday, September 8, 2005

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"non mais je sais pas, je devais etre aigri quand g ecrit ca..." Jeanguiste - Saturday 05th of August 2006 01:17:54 AM mouarf!!!!


Ahahahah! c vrai quoi, mon niveau d'anglais ne me permet pas de comprendre ... Un peu comme si c'etait traduit literalement du francais ... non mais je sais pas, je devais etre aigri quand g ecrit ca...


"En meme temps je lis que les commentaires, je pige pas les textes." jeanguiste - Sunday 30th of July 2006 07:42:50 PM mouarf!!!!




On oublie un peu facilement les power rangers dans tout ca ... Nico j'adore ta remarque! En meme temps je lis que les commentaires, je pige pas les textes ...


gilem©n, something inside us IS attracted to power, selfishness and centralization. Those civilizations and Power rules have been grown by People, who have been overpowered by their own inner greed, their own shadow sides. There are the "doom" we have to face and overwhelm, to change, so that the world will change. It's up to everyone to do that in him/herself, to choose in him/herself to focus on selfishness or openness, between power and freedom.


Mon dieu que c'est plus drole ! Jamais vu un truc aussi lourdingue pour parler d'un truc aussi simple... Faut que j'arrete de lire ce blog.


Those talks about Power made me think about how difficult it is to get wifi access in this "great world". It’s so the same issue. I’m in the airport right now and I can’t get the web properly... what the heck, at least it could be free in there! It’s always the same pattern for all types of networks, health, speech, airports, electricity, they all tend to a centralized state before collapsing. The Trinitarian doom.
If the world is a projection that is made going through us, it means something inside of us likes to centralize it.
The web isn’t supposed to be a centralized network. It was part of the blueprints, like scorpions it’s here to survive the nuclear holocaust. So what’s happening? Are we only in a short transition phase?


Dawn, I like your view. Before primates became men, a leader was killing all children from other male, enforcing his views and leadership, and any other male wishing to count had to challenge and defeat him. That's quite still inside us. And about "the artists that create that world", I believe it's a bit more than that : we are not only artists walking a world and shaping it : the world is a projection that is made going through us, alchemist consciousness, like a light projected through a prism. It's not even shaped by our actions : it's made by what and who we are. Mystical traditions, shamanism and quantic works tend toward that view.


exactly, and we'll have to fight them with sticks and stones


"and then Xenu becames dictator..."


"Why do efficient healers have to hide ?" to further extend in politics, it's the same reason as for China stopping the FALUN Gonzos from toppling its government. Governments leaders DO not allow others to challenge their power. They have a different picture of efficiency and as you said it's up to us to open the doors that will challenge them or not. We ARE the artists of a world that gives birth to itself.


"All that people in front of their computer, writing and writing... Is that the Revolution we are waiting for??? sorry..." Hakim Bey


tienette toujours la , present a chaque etape du blog.

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