Thursday, September 8, 2005

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truc de barge, j'hallucine!!! Pourquoi le 11 septembre, pourquoi?!?!


tu t'es lance dans la video gilem©n?






c quoi psilos gilem©n? t'as fete l'annee du porc en te mettant tout nu dans la rue n'est ce pas?


Actually I watched this documentary and I found it very interesting. Thanks a lot for this link whoever you are Brainwashed. I think this is a very important approach!
In a conservative point of view it appears really sick to look forward Apocalypse in order for Jesus to come back at any cost - even though this involves global warming, eugenics and volcanic situation in Israel...
Logically I watched the attached video :
Very lame but kind of representative of St John's fears on psilos...
And yes, it's kind of logical that Mc Kenna's timewave is also fitting within this biblical model. Mac Kenna was advocating psychedelics and as a scientist he was full gear into biblical brainwashing (one was catalyzing the other), which is by the way an extremely potent palliative to boredom and alcohol...
Was almost going to become the framework of Dusk II ;)
Thanks again Brainwashed!


You end time sickos!


I see...
2007 French presidential election will be the ninth such election of the Fifth French Republic. First round of voting will take place on Sunday, April 22, 2007:
1650 - alliance inbetween Mazarin and "civil warriors", the end of Conde
Second round on Sunday, May 6, 2007:
1652 - the return of the King, Louis XIV, fin de LA fronde??!?!

Novelty increases. There is something happening, indeed!
Qu'est ce que t'en pense?
Lepen se presente ou bien?


Et tu peux pas nous dire qui c qui va etre elu en mai? comme ca je saurai pour qui voter. moins que cet evenement n'ai aucune raisonnance temporelle ...


Merci man!




That’s actually quite remarkable, but I wish you had more time to digest this spaced poo and amaze us with something more cheerful. There is definitely something creepy in this software.


Gilem , tu n as pas de logo pour ton site dans les bookmarks!!!! ca fait tache!


Hey, no Zombies, show me some graphs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Guys! I was playing WWW at Hallpas and I accidentally bumped into your “memetic vault”. Hey, you made IT. It’s enormous; you’re even going further than Grand Master Morrison. Did you ever try playing around with his invisible concept? How dif you come up with THIS??? That’s freakin’ freaky - looking like we’re all in wimpy larva stage - waiting for something huge to happen in this setup setting. I’m blazed, I guess I start to understand what he had been talking about when he was referring to the multidimensional existence, the holly mother f(cc)#kng grail, OPRA’s mother of gods. Sorry I’m just spaced out, but you just made it so simple. It looks just like when I was at kindergarten learning about zero.


Uhhh!!! ;)
Well don't get too crazy with this. Of course you can see whatever you want with this math... Plz note that McKenna saw his own cognitive meltdown!
YES Cunigunde reported death is in March, not in May. But there is a big accuracy issue with historical facts from middle age. Cunigunde is described has a queen who never had sex, who was unanimously considered as a good person, who even became a saint, a media icon. Cunigunde may not be the factual person in direct resonance with Diana, but you can make sure many other fine women modeled themselves on her. And if you take the problem in the other way, go to 3 of march 1033 and shift forward - you¡¦ll end up to 31 August 97, anyway... so there is definitely a pattern at work here.
But I will correct the graph accordingly by adding "possible death of Saint Cuningunde".
Note that the waveform resolution also has accuracy problems if you look at small scales and then you go back and forward like a lunatic, the float precision of Java is blowing...

For the 2000 flavor, I don't really think you need to wait till there... Or maybe you should ;)
I¡¦ve been thinking about correlating these wave with major market events. Generally speaking it looks like as the market increase, novelty decrease, which makes sense as the market is buying novelty... Intuitively I¡¦d be tempted to think that the market won¡¦t survive to a radical paradigm shift. At least it will transform so bad, we won't be able to recognize it... Well, this is overwhelming!
Rhay-dann you're very welcome to send me your analysis. Eh!


AMAZING shit man!!! I've been playing with this software for hours! though it looks like we need to wait until October 2012 to sell the 2000's flavor...


Mmmm, je reste sceptique ... surtout que le 31 Aout an 12 c la naissance de Caius Julius Caesar Germanicus, plus connu sous le nom de Caligula. D'autant que Cunégonde de Luxembourg, plus connue sous le nom de Sainte Cunégonde est morte un 3 mars soit quelques 181 jours plus tot! Sana oublier le fait que les historiens n'arrivent pas a se mettre d'accord sur l'annee de sa mort, 1033 ou 1039!!! Mais ca tout le monde le sait ... Je viens donc de demontrer par l'absurde que ton raisonnement est faux et ta methode est donc caduque. C'est pas cette annee que t'auras le prix Nobel ... de quoi d'ailleurs?!?!?!

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