Thursday, September 8, 2005

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This was the last time for Bush to strike and become a dictator! And we bought his crap. 88% of the population still believe this fabrication. It makes me sick. on 19 of the terrorists 7 are still alive today, we need to wake up from this nightmare and stop doing nothing. WE SHOULD BE CONCERNED!


who's to blame for 911??? i repeat??? WHO??? :)


because what's good for gougle is good for china or vice versa

welcome to care bears village!!!



WTF is this chinese statue doing here?????


The tiger is roaring! Just take a look at KL, HK, Tokyo or Shanghai and you'll get the pic. That would explain why bush administration is getting so greedy. For sure THEY have some more insights than us about how to preserve western interests. Nice post BTW :P


Just an extract of a short novel I wrote some time before the 911. Here speaks the leader of a young, powerless society having a hearing at the galctic' greatest civilization, suspecting them to have malveolent goals : "The big one crush the small using its power. But the small can push the big down in different ways. Sometimes, empires collapse because there is a small one in their core. Sometimes they collapse just because they are so big, and become unable to hold themselves. Every amazing civilization disappeared in either way. Force is not so much of a great weapon. " Enjoy guys ;)


Je parlais de ton système de vote. C’est juste qu’il se met à jour une fois par an. Enfin comme d’habitude je suis pas sûr de vraiment comprendre où tu veux en venir.




quoi qui marche pas?


ca marche pas...


marche pas...

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