Thursday, September 12, 2005

Frequently Asked Questions

Dusk Service is testing a new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) system. The new FAQ system features a completely new design and will improve the way you find answers to your questions.

How do you use the new Frequently Asked Questions and Answers section?

  • Search by topic using the scroll-wheel of your mouse
  • Search by entering a question or phrase in the Find (Ctrl + F)
  • Narrow down the page by using both your brain and your muscles
  • View and sort a list of FAQs with a little Perl script
  • Eye on any question to view its full answer and related references

Where is the BOOK?

Download it in Adobe PDF format, thanks to SourceForge Mirrors all over the world. The link is the B&W cover icon on the right side bar of the main page - Just below the FAQ link. Then choose your geographical flavor.
Still too complicated? Ok… Click here if you're Swiss ...
here if you're a New Yorker
or here if you're french ?
You're Japanese ?!? Click here!
Still don't get it?

Or read it online with WikiDusk.

What's this website all about?

It's just not a website! If you want to understand what is a beeLog, you need to go here or start using -com on your search engines…

Who are you and why should I read you?

We are a group of illuminated agit-brain-cracked nerds from the other side of the world.
Faraway where people think REALLY different we gaze at rather than speak of conspiracy theories. We construct an aesthetic of Power Networks as a weapon of mass disillusion. If you want to find answers or guidelines, this is not the right place for you.
We have been warning you!

Is Dusk written by an A.I.?

I received many comments from online-printing organisms wondering why they were able to find so many patterns from well known meta-search engines in the content of DUSK. As well as some feedback from relatives close enough to me who suspect my dailies activities to interfere with the writing of a novel. Some started to think there might be some kind of dirty tricks involved.

After reviewing Malissa understanding of Bob Dobbs theories about the next organic step in the evolution of media, I understood the process was so much advanced that Dusk was already a good part of it. I suddenly realize I haven't been writing anything. I have been abused by something in the air of Fl0rida.
The biological feedback we initiated with the machines is starting to knock back at our brains by asking this question "who do you think is reviewing all the information on the web? Do you really think the web is made by humans for humans?".

Maybe I'm just not really picking out their sharpen sense of humor. They might have been referring to the first sense of artificial intelligence…

Is reading DUSK going to make me die from the inside?

Probably. As Dusk is a satellite body - obviously it isn't fully anti-chemical body proof...

Is there any tutorial?

Not yet but Dawn is seriously working on it.
A how-to easily build your own proxy-free robot to scrape search-engines results by using dormant-baits.

Why don't you just go F#cK yourselves?

We tried so much we came out with a pack of ideas that made us understand we weren't alone! So we'd like to share our experience with other hermaphrodites.

Why DUSK is written in both French and English?

Check this out!

Why are you guys publishing books for free?

So, just in case there is any confusion, we don't express any ownership over anything that we write here. Everything is more-or-less under the GPL|Artistic-2.0 license. Go ahead, use it, attribute it to you if you like, but don't if you don't feel like it. Make money off it - if you can sell our books better than we do, great! You can even call it your own.
We just wouldn't turn in any of the stuff on this site as an academic paper - you probably won't get a very good mark. This is all pretty silly - why are we giving full permission for you to do this? You certainly don't need it - We don't think that we have the moral right to require any permission...
This approach revamps the post First World War movements, like Dada, automatic writing, and the "Cadavre Exquis". The links that can be drawn in-between this period and nowadays would be a very interesting venture…

Is the Crepuscule project some kind of publisher?

Can do!
If your writings are big enough, you have a GPL-like license and you're willing to join-venture by adding a link to this beeLog in your one, we can provide you a free ISBN.

Is the Crepuscule project M-Theory compliant?

Of course!

How can I edit DUSK?

Use WikiDusk.
Or if you know how to work with CVS, you can directly edit the book and this beeLog by joining crepuscule project on Sourceforge.

Coming soon!

  • Are we some kind of commies?
  • Are they some real open-source people?
  • Are we really not in control anymore?
  • How can you make money out of Dusk?
  • Is Crepuscule project Wikipedia-friendly?
  • Are you guys supporting Madonna for the next US elections?
  • Is the Crepuscule project really scientific?
  • Is Dusk a T.O.E.?
  • IS really real?

And much much more…